A 6 week intensive to take you from multiple night wakings and sleep deprivation to deep, restful sleep for you and your child.

If your child is

  • aged between 1-4 years and
  • waking multiple times per night,

This program is for you!

If you resonate with a gentle, responsive approach to parenting and are looking for a sleep solution that will not compromise your values,

This program is for you!

If you’ve had enough of feeling exhausted and are ready to climb out of that sleep deprived haze, let’s transform this over the next 6 weeks.

In this program we’ll be looking at the role feelings play in determining how soundly our children sleep.

I’m sure you’ve experienced for yourself that when you go to bed with big feelings such as feeling angry about an argument, stressed about money, anxious about starting a new job etc, even though you might also be really tired, you probably don’t experience very restful sleep. Instead, you might find yourself tossing and turning, taking really long time to fall asleep and waking up multiple times through the night.

Compare that to the times you’ve had big feelings but been able to let go of them before bed either through talking, crying or laughing with someone you love or journalling etc. Perhaps at those times you would have felt much more relaxed in your body and slept much more deeply and restfully?

And it’s the same for our children! Although they have feelings about different things such as being frustrated that they couldn’t yet crawl or walk or hop, or disappointed that they couldn’t have that cookie they wanted or angry that their sibling broke their block building.

Our children have natural ways of expressing and letting go of their feelings too which also include crying, talking and laughter.

Feelings are not bad. Feelings are a part of everyday life. The trouble with sleep time comes when we are trying to fight feelings rather than be friends with them.

Often, we get in the way of our children being able to express and let go of what they need to in order to relax for sleep. So instead of supporting them with opportunties for healing crying or laughter, it’s most common in our society to help our children numb their feelings instead.

Again, let’s relate it back to ourselves. When you’re angry, sad or stressed how do you numb or distract from your feelings?

Some of the most common ways include food, drinks and movement (such as exercise or keeping busy, never sitting still).

And what are some of the most common ways we use to help our children fall asleep?

YES! Feeding (breastfeeding, bottle feeding, dummy) and movement like rocking or carrying.

These are just different versions of the adult ways we use to numb our feelings.

When our children do not have enough opportunitites to express and let go of their feelings during the day, this energy will stay in the body and build up over time, causing more and more tension and agitation in the body and making it harder and harder for our children to feel relaxed and sleep soundly.

In this program we’ll discover how you can work with and support your child with their natural abilities to express and let go of feelings instead of fighting them.

You will receive:

Access to the Connect curriculum, an in-depth study of how feelings effect child behaviour and how to get comfortable with these. 5 power packed modules including audio and written formats, these are available immediately within the Facebook hub and I highly encourage you to listen to them as soon as possible (they take between 20-60 minutes each) so that we can get straight into implementation and more 💤

Module 1: Diagnose the Disconnect. Recognise the way feelings effect behaviour … and start seeing the symptoms! (including aggression, clinging, demanding and sleep issues)

Module 2: Question your conditioning. Unpacking the way we numb or distract from feelings and what to do instead

Module 3: Reconnect to Self. How your feelings effect your responses to your child and how to work through these

Module 4: Reconnect to your child. Tap into the power of play and the healing benefits of laughter

Module 5: Respond with Love. Practical strategies to hold space for challenging behaviours, big feelings, tears and tantrums with calm and confidence

Plus bonus video trainings on:

  • Tiredness cues
  • Closeness and connection
  • The healing power of tears at bedtime
  • The power of play and laughter at bedtime
  • Bedtime anxiety
  • Dreams
  • Aromatherapy

(More trainings will be created and added, based on your challenges, questions and needs)

Plus a beautiful bedtime audio story for your child and bedtime meditation for you to read aloud

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PLUS a popup Facebook group for 6 weeks where you can ask all your questions and get all the supprt you need with implementing this approach.

This really is the golden key to your success – having personalised support as you put all of this into practise in your real life.

By putting it into practice you are taking this new knowledge and rewiring the neural pathways in your brain.

It takes time. And I am here to support you in being compassionate and gentle with yourself as you move forward on that journey.

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Fast action bonus: Jump in now to listen to the modules straight away, start implementing and get extra time working with me at no additional cost!

Risk Free!

I am offering a Money Back guarantee! If you commit to this program for the full 6 weeks I can guarantee you will see improvements in your child’s sleep. If, even after doing the work, (as will be evidenced by your participation in the facebook group) you do not see improvements, I am happy to offer your money back.

Are you ready for deeply restful sleep for you and your child?

Our 6 week intensive begins October 7th! (Doors will close October 4th)

LEVEL UP to include a weekly 30 minute mentoring call to keep you on track and progressing forward.

What happens after I join?

You’ll receive an immediate welcome email containing your link to the pop-up facebook group where you can find all of the modules and get started straight away! Bonus video trainings will be uploaded throughout the the intensive.

What age group of children is this aimed at?

This program is aimed at mothers in the early years of motherhood with children from 1-4 years

What if I’m not comfortable with my children crying or expressing anger?

Throughout this program I will encourage you to accept all emotions and help your children heal through empathetic listening to crying, tantrums, play and laughter. I will teach you how to hold a loving space for all of your child’s emotions and how to process your own thoughts and feelings around this.

If you are not willing for your children to cry or express anger, this may not be the program for you.

How long does the program go for?

The program goes for 6 weeks. The modules you receive are yours to download and keep so there’s no rush to get through them.

If you have any other questions about whether this is the right program for you, I’d love to hear from you! Please contact me via email below.