4 weeks to navigating toddlerhood with consciousness, calm and confidence!

It’s time to STOP trawling through online articles for advice and STOP feeling so exhausted and frustrated with conscious parenting. It doesn’t have to be as hard as your making it.

Daily Power struggles?

Refusing to brush her teeth?

Whining/ demanding/ clingy behaviour that makes everything take 20 x longer?!

Tears and tantrums at the drop of a hat?

The good news? There’s a simple solution to these common toddler and preschooler behaviours. You don’t have to choose between your calm, gentle, respectful parenting values and your own well-being – you deserve to have BOTH. And nothing would make me happier than sharing this solution with you!

Introducing the Heart-based Parenting Framework – my foundation program including all the basics that you need so that you can understand how emotions are effecting your child’s behaviour and how you can work with those rather than against them to bring your parenting vision to life and navigate toddlerhood with more consciousness, calm and confidence in 2020.

Hi! I’m Belinda, I remember back when my son was around 12 months old and I felt like I had to keep doing more and giving more to meet his ever increasing needs. He was becoming more clingy, demanding, wanting to be picked up all the time, wanting to breastfeed all the time, he wasn’t sleeping well, so I wasn’t sleeping well. It was exhausting!

As an early childhood teacher I had a tonne of experience with behaviour management (or what I now call ‘bandaid solutions’) – things like negotiating, distracting, re-directing, punishments and rewards… but I had zero understanding about the real underlying cause challenging behaviours and how to actually solve them.

In this program I’m sharing why these tactics DON’T WORK in the long run and only make things harder for yourself!

What you’ll receive

Access to a new digital lesson each week for 4 weeks beginning Tuesday 4th February

Each lesson includes video and workbook

LESSON 1) Stop fighting big emotions and solve challenging behaviours for good!

Why getting comfortable with your child’s big emotions, is one of the best things you can possibly do.

Change your perspective on tears and tantrums and reduce the frequency!

 Why walking on eggshells to try and keep the peace or avoid your child’s tears and tantrums ISN’T the solution – and what to do instead!

LESSON 2) Use play as a parenting tool for more ease and enjoyment in motherhood

How to increase connection and make your child feel emotionally safe- while also making like easier for yourself

 How you can minimise challenging toddler and preschooler behaviours such as yelling, hitting, defiance, tantrums, refusing to cooperate etc using play

 How to work through tears and tantrums after play (whining, clinging demanding more etc) 

How to get in the right frame of mind to enjoy playing with your kids even when you don’t feel like it

Why your energy is a crucial factor in using play as a parenting tool

Why you need to be aware of the stories, patterns and beliefs holding you back from enjoying play with your child and how to shift those

Personalised play suggestions based on your individual challenges and circumstances

LESSON 3) Spilt Milk & Broken Cookies

Why your child cries/ tantrums/ rages over things that seem really insignificant and how to respond most effectively

How to stop getting drawn into power struggles or endless negotiations and make life much easier for yourself in the process – in my opinion, this is the golden key to finding  balance between permissive and concious parenting

LESSON 4) Re-parenting and paradigm shifting

Why getting comfortable with your emotions means that you will have more patience and more capacity to consciously choose your responses to your child rather than playing out unconscious patterns.

Why Soul care needs to be an integral part of your day and how to do that as a busy mother with little time through reflection, meditation and creating balance

Why reflecting on your current parenting practise and how that has formed is in integral step in operating in alignment with your values


1. Inner Listening Activation: my daily re-alignment meditation to bring you back to your own emotions, inner guidance and intuitive senses

2. 4 weeks 1:1 support beginning February 1st (Monday – Saturday) via Voxer valued at $388!

Send me audio messages from anywhere in the world (or text) at anytime that is convenient to you rather than having to wait for an appointment. Whether you want to ask a question, troubleshoot, get feedback on a situation or just vent about your day. I’m just a button away to make sure you are supported and guided in the right direction.

Love from other mums:

“I signed up to work with Belinda as I was finding myself completely exhausted from giving in to every little demand as I just didn’t know how to say ‘no’ to my kids without the guilt setting in. Belinda quickly gave me the confidence to set limits in a way my children quickly accepted. This new skill has helped me feel more confident and happy as a mother and I am enjoying my kids so much more and seeing them for the beautiful gifts they are rather than feeling tired and agitated by them.”

Lauren (mother of two)

“I was finding it really hard to enjoy my parenting journey through all the conflicts, tantrums and defiance of my toddler. Since working with Belinda and digging deep things have really begun to turn around for us. It’s definitely not all roses!! It has allowed me to regain my confidence as a mother and we are making some great progress as a family!’

Nikki (Mother of two)

Register now to bring your parenting vision to life and navigate toddlerhood with more consciousness, calm and confidence in 2020.

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