In this time of disconnection, hold space for your child’s big feelings and create more harmony at home

Hi I’m Belinda- an early childhood teacher with 18 years experience and conscious parenting advocate.

I’m opening this space as an online hub to support you with the extra demands of parenting young children at this time.

What’s included?

The Connect content consists of 5 self paced modules. You can do the whole course or or you can just take bite sized chunks as you’re ready!

Upon registration you’ll automatically receive my pre consult questionnaire so that I have an understanding of your situation and can personally guide, support and direct you to the most relevant resources.

A busy-mama-friendly-multi-media library of resources at your fingertips!

✔️Module 1: How emotions effect your child’s behaviour.

Even though your child may not be talking about current events, they are most likely still FEELING it in terms of insecurity, changes, fear or anger in their environment. You will learn about how your child’s big emotions (and yours too) are going to be effecting their behaviour (such as increased tantrums, clingyness, sleep issues, biting, hitting, uncooperativeness) and what you can do about that!

✔️Module 2: Questioning your conditioning.

Let’s look at the unconscious ways you may be distracting your child or yourself from emotions (commonly things like food, milk, sweets, screens, rocking) and gently modify those so you can respond with more presence and consciousness

✔️Module 3: Reconnect to yourself. Holding space for your kids is a BIG job right now, that’s why it’s imperative that you’re filling your own cup and processing your own emotions first. I’ve included lots of meditations, processes and activities to help with this!

✔️Module 4: Reconnect to your child. How you can use play as a parenting tool to minimise challenging behaviours and create more harmony. This is the FIRST thing I recommend to all my clients for more connection, calm and cooperation with their kids. I love to come up with new creative play ideas to support specific challenges and life transitions just for you!

✔️Module 5: Respond with Love (both to yourself and your children) Practical, tangible tools, techniques, processes, meditations to help you work through your own triggers, set healthy limits, guide behaviour in a non punitive way and hold space for your child’s big feelings right now

How else can this space support you?

I’ll be making myself available each evening to offer support, troubleshoot and answer your questions 7 days/ week.

As a community space there will be a tribe of like minded mothers ready to listen and share wisdom as well.

I love that I can support mothers online at this time and be just a keyboard away to make sure you are feeling supported and guided in the right direction!

Receive immediate access to the community and content, feel more connected and create more harmony!

The last time I opened this program it was $497.

In light of the current pandemic and global insecurities I feel guided to offer this program for significantly less this time around

You can join in and get support with the extra demands of parenting young children at this time for just $9.70 per week. There are no obligations or commitments. You can stay as long or as little as you choose. I will however, close the doors to this energetic container on Friday 10th April, 11.59pm.

If this amount is still an obstacle to you getting the support, inspiration and community you crave, please reach out. This is a space for all who need it and we can find a way to make it work for you.


“I have been completely blown away by the insight and content available within this program! It has assisted me on a journey to become a more centred and wiser version of me💛

And with the tools and mentoring available, helped me to be the conscious and connected parent my children needed. Belinda’s support, guidance and wisdom has been so important to help me move through some of my most confronting inner child blockages, as well as most challenges parenting situations and I am able to now see the connection between them.

It has not only helped bring so much more awareness into my world, it has given me the biggest and most precious gift I could ask, and that is to have a deeper, empathetic bond with my children”

Delaney, Australia

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“Working with Belinda has made a big difference to how I am able to relate to my daughter.  My mood feels lifted, I feel calmer, clearer and more emotionally empowered.

I read and hear of so many personal development things that would benefit me as a mother but with a busy, young child I struggle to take action on them.

The resources in this program were perfect in length, allowing me to take bite-sized chunks of action. And action creates CHANGE. I am getting amazing results from program. Such a blessing!”

Lea, Australia

“I’m so glad I came across Belinda on Facebook. I am a mama to a 15 month old girl and had completely lost myself. I wasn’t spending anytime on looking after myself, all my energy was going into my daughter, I was feeling burnt out and had a tonne on negative self talk going on. Working with Belinda helped me get back into taking care of myself and feeling excited about the future again. I’m feeling so much more energised and connected to myself as a person, outside of being a mother. I had been stuck in a feeling of massive overwhelm and Belinda really helped to break it down so that I no longer feel that way. I’m so grateful for this program and the simple things I’ve learned!”

Jade, Australia

“What an incredible, freeing, heart opening, path this is. I just want to share it with so many of my friends as I know so many beautiful mamas who struggle with these exact same things too.. this is GOLD!I feel so inspired and uplifted!!

I feel like this is the most nurturing, beautiful support for all mums doing / attempting conscious parenting, not full of ideas that make you feel inadequate kind of thing, full of genuine, nourishing support to do the huge, beautiful task of consciously parenting children. Yay! I am so so happy to have found this.”

Lana, Australia

I was finding it really hard to enjoy my parenting journey through all the conflicts tantrums and defiance of my toddler. Since working with Belinda and digging deep things have really began to turn around for us. It’s definitely not all Rose’s! But it has allowed me to regain my confidence as a mother and we are making some great progress as a family.

Nikki, Australia

I signed up to work with Belinda as I was finding myself completely exhausted from giving in to every little demand as I just didn’t know how to say no to my kids without the guilt setting in. Belinda’s beautiful and easy to use resources gave me the confidence to set limits in a way my children quickly accepted. This new skill has helped me to feel more confident and happy as a mother and I am enjoying my kids so much more and seeing them for the beautiful gifts they are rather than feeling tired and agitated by them. I’m very grateful for what my family has gained. Thankyou Belinda ❤️

Lauren, France

I grew up with two older brothers and I had to shout to be heard. I now find myself shouting to be heard as a mother!! Realising and working through this connection has been huge for me. Now I understand why this has been happening. I am now listening properly to my girls so they don’t repeat the pattern as they grow older. Thank you, thankyou, thankyou 💛🙏

Emma, England

Any questions? Get in touch here