Spilt Milk & Broken Cookies

… Your Secret Weapon for more Cooperative Kids 🤫

In the Spilt Milk & Broken Cookies eCourse you’re going to learn how to guide your child’s behaviour in a non punitive way so that you get to see MORE of your calm, cooperative and loving child!

And LESS of the clingy, demanding uncooperative behaviour.

In this eCourse, you’re going to learn:

↠ Why your child has tantrums over the tiniest things (like breaking her cookie or spilling her milk) and how to respond with confidence and calm

↠ Why repeating yourself, explaining, rationalising and negotiating don’t work with an emotional child and how to ask so your child will listen

How to stop being drawn into power struggles and endless negotiations about teeth brushing!

Why your toddler or preschooler pulls the cat’s tail (and many other unpleasant behaviours!) and how to guide them without using punishments or rewards

Why your child is clingy and demanding while you try to make dinner and how to stop it dragging on for HOURS

Why your child refuses to get dressed or put on their shoes and how to get things moving!

How to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty

Stop exhausting yourself and giving in to every little demand or walking on eggshells to avoid the next tantrum

How does it work?

You’ll receive a comprehensive training video (45 minutes) + printable workbook + access to me in a pop-up Facebook group for the month of October for accountability, inspiration and troubleshooting to keep you on track

💥Enrolments close Wednesday 30th September 11.59pm💥

You will receive an email with your resources and access to the Facebook group on Thursday 1st October

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