I’m Belinda Connelly and I am passionate about helping parents to see beneath their child’s ‘button pushing’ behaviours, work through their own emotional baggage and conditioning and respond based on the underlying emotional needs. Emotional awareness is the key to a more peaceful planet 🌏

As a registered early childhood teacher (B.Ed) I have worked with children from birth through to six years in many different roles over the last 20 years, and this experience, along with my own motherhood journey, has laid the foundations of my work and my calling to support more parents around the world on their conscious parenting journeys.

My work is grounded in Aware Parenting principles, child development and psychology theory plus a passion for empowering parents to heal from the past, rewire old patterns and transform the future.

Choosing to parent consciously is a daily practise, not only parenting your child but also re-parenting yourself. This is often the most unexpected and challenging part!

It’s not an easy path. But with support it becomes so much easier and over time, the little steps you’re taking will build momentum and become your new way of being. Increase your understanding of child behaviour, build your conscious parenting toolkit and learn the tools for your own healing journey too.

What you’ll notice when you start practising this approach…

♡ becoming more aware of your own emotions, behaviours, reactions and patterns.

♡ feeling calmer.

♡ guiding behaviour without rewards, punishments, threats or bribes.

♡ a deeper understanding of your child’s behaviour and emotions.

♡ less tantrums/ defiance/ arguments.

♡ easier bedtimes.

♡ more cooperation.

♡ improved family dynamics.

♡ knowing how to support your child through fears and childhood challenges.

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