I LOVE working with mothers who want to move away from authoritarian parenting styles… yet they find permissive parenting is not working either.


If you are struggling to find the balance in the gentle, conscious and connected style of parenting that you value, this Consult is for you!


You might be finding some recurring challenges like

SELF: feeling misalignment between your actions and true values as a mother, feeling triggered, impatient or like you’re overeacting in certain situations with your children…

SLEEP: your child has begun to find it difficult to relax enough for sleep, perhaps they take a really long time to fall asleep or perhaps they’re waking multiple times per night  (or perhaps this has been going on for quite some time!)

AGGRESSION: your normally gentle child has began to behave aggressively (or perhaps this has been going on for quite some time!)


This Consult will give you some time to be lovingly listened to and talk through your unique challenges and sticking points.


During your consult we will pinpoint the underlying issues and give you practical tools/ strategies to take forward into your day to day parenting so that you feel very confident and clear on your next steps and aligned to your true values as a mother.


:: crack the code on your child’s undesirable behaviours – discover what’s actually going on and how to minimise these behaviours

:: learn to set limits with warmth and love

:: discover why your child melts down over seemingly insignificant events like ‘I broke my cookie’

:: take control of your reactions and triggers

:: get confident in responding to tears and tantrums

:: use play to navigate power struggles, fears, defiance and aggression4A32BEA9-B857-4B5B-A370-5FE859047E56Mutter und Sohn im Herbst

How does it work?

Your consult will take place via a 45 minute video call (Skype or Facetime) and includes a follow up email with summary of our call.

This consult includes a pre-consultation questionnaire so that we can dive straight in where it’s needed and use your time most effectively.

I am available for consults on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. (Brisbane, Australia time)

Upon payment you’ll receive an email guiding you to book your preferred timeslot and complete your pre-consultation questionnaire.

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