Imagine I’m handing you a magic spell today.

This spell is

✔️ simple
✔️ and quick

It will help your child with LOTS of things including,
✔️ sleep
✔️ anxiety
✔️ sibling rivalry
✔️ chaotic behaviour
✔️ presence
✔️ focus


Of course?

Okay. This is your magic word:




Put simply: it’s Plugging back in to the Earth.

Imagine grounding like recharging your phone.

It’s NECESSARY every single day.


These are LOTS of things that drain your child’s ‘battery’.


Each child is different, but these seem to be some of the most common:

1. TV/ Screen time

2. Shopping centres/ Crowded places

3. Sugar/ certain foods

4. Too much indoor time

5. Being thrown out of routine


What does it look like when your child is ungrounded?


<<<< Remember that overwhelmed child at the supermarket that you couldn’t get through to? >>>>


:: They might take on a glazed look in their eyes almost like ‘the lights are on, but no one’s home’

:: They might turn their volume RIGHT up to try and drown out the ‘chaos’


Help your child get clear and centered through  these popular ideas:

1. Cloud watching on the grass

2. Beach time/ sand play

3. Foot Massage

4. Colouring in

5. Playing barefoot in the garden


I’d love to hear how your little wild ones reconnect with the Earth, share with me in the Lightfilled Parenting Circle here


Belinda Connelly

Parenting Mentor

B. Ed (Early Childhood)

Lightworker Practitioner 

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