Doterra’sPeace’ blend has very quickly become a favourite in our house. I tend to use it in the evening because of its calming, soothing, comforting properties.

Essential oils travel an ‘aromatic pathway’ though the nose to reach the limbic system (part of the brain) responsible for emotions. So, through using essential oils we can support our families emotions. By using the same oils at regular times of the day, it helps set your child up to respond in a certain way when they smell that particular scent. For example, when you use oils regularly at bedtime they become a part of your child’s regular rhythm and their body learns to associate that scent with sleep.

I use PEACE in a few ways:

1. Diffuse
2. In the bath

My eldest is particularly sensitive to smells so a little goes a looong way with him. I literally use ONE drop mixed with a teaspoon of carrier oil (your child might like more, start with one drop and work up). Oil and water doesn’t mix, so it’s important to dilute using a carrier oil. When the oil droplets do come into contact with your child’s skin they’ll be very gentle.
3. Rollerball

For my boys, (this is particularly good if yours are sensitive to strong smells too) I’ve been putting a roll on the back on their pyjama collars or on their feet.
4. Massage

For myself, I mix a drop or two in a tablespoon of carrier oil and massage on to my feet before bed.

What’s in it?

Vetiver: which fosters grounding and presence.

Lavender: which promotes relaxation.

Frankincense: which promotes peace, deep healing, clearing lower vibrations, connecting the soul with its inner light, soothing, warming feelings

Marjoram Leaf: which promotes the ability to trust and feel safe, softens the heart and heals past wounds

+ more beautiful oils!

If you have any questions about oils or would love to get some for your home, get in touch below, I’d love to help!


Belinda Connelly
Parenting Mentor

B.Ed Early Childhood

Certified Lightworker Practictioner