Do your kids ever get loud/ chaotic/ whiny/ clingy late in the afternoon when you’re trying to make dinner?

The ‘witching hour’?

Try re-framing it. Rather than ‘attention seeking’ look through the lens of ‘connection seeking.’ It really helps to shift your mindset and energy. Your child is trying to connect with you and needs your help in this moment!

Try pre-empting the ‘connection seeking’ by making time to connect together before you start dinner so their cup is full.

After a busy day that might have included school/ daycare, too much indoor time, too much screen time and not enough connection time, your child might be feeling ‘ungrounded’ and need your help to feel safe and secure.

You might start feeling all your own reasons to say ‘NO’ come up (too tired, got to make dinner, do laundry, or whatever it is) but MAKE yourself commit to 5 minutes (rationally, those things can wait 5 minutes, right?)

I guarantee that by doing this you will

:: totally lift your energy

:: connect in to your inner child and joy centre

:: fill your child’s ‘connection cup’

:: realise how unimportant all your ‘reasons’ actually were

AND probably WANT to continue playing and connecting for longer!


You might like to try playing barefoot in the garden or hide and seek!


I’d love to hear the ways you and your child reconnect after a busy day, please share with me in the private Lightfilled Parenting circle here


Belinda Connelly
Parenting Mentor

B.Ed Early Childhood

Certified Lightworker Practitioner 


PS My Connection Seeker’s challenge is a mini eCourse that will help you feel super calm and confident in swapping your child’s misbehaviours for the connection you crave, whilst also helping your child to remain connected to their true soul self.