Imagine if the level of success you felt as a mother was equal to the level of connection you feel… to yourself… to your children… to others… to nature

… rather than how much stuff you’ve ticked off your to-do list.

How would that make you feel?

As a first time mum I remember crying with feeling I’d not done ‘enough’ that day, or hadn’t achieved enough. I felt a really low sense of self worth because I was reliant on my partner working and earning money yet I couldn’t even keep up with the laundry! I remember feeling ashamed and defeated that on many days all I’d really done is fed and held my baby and not even managed to make a proper meal or take a shower!

Looking back, I just want to go back to that younger me and tell her how holding my baby was the MOST important thing I could have done with my days and how grateful the current me and my children are to her for choosing to do that over mopping the floor or doing the laundry. I want to tell her what loving beings my children have grown into and about the beautiful connection and authentic relationships we have.

And I really want other mamas to know this too! The connection they’re building IS success of the best kind. And all the other stuff really won’t matter in five years time.

And that’s why I’ve created this infinite love meditation for you. We’re going to pause time for a moment and step into a beautiful, lightfilled garden with your future self so you can hear the words you need to hear, the medicine for your soul – NOW.

So that you realise you are an amazing mama.

And you are doing so well!

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And let connection be your new measurement of success 🙌🌏🌱✨

I’m so happy to be walking this path with you!

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