You may have heard that the ‘terrible twos’ are a phase and your child will grow out of it if you wait it out…

Here’s why I don’t agree with this approach:

While our children might grow out of these particular behaviours (such as clinging, tantrums, biting), if we’re not addressing the underlying cause of the behaviours they will simply morph into different challenging behaviours as the child grows older (such as attention seeking, aggression, sleep issues).

If, on the other hand, we can dig a bit deeper into those challenging behaviours at age 2, we will find that there is actually a build up of feelings sitting there and we can actually learn to get comfortable enough for our children to express those feelings.

Once they have expressed that build up or back log of feelings and are free to do that on a day to day basis challenging behaviours become very minimal 🙌

If you’re interested to learn more or have questions please check out my online program Connect, or get in touch through my Facebook page I’ll get back to you really soon .

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