Why it’s super important to be crystal clear on your values and what happened to me and my children when I wasn’t…

I wanted to share with you one of my personal stories about how I came to create the Alignment Compass Exercise that I use with my clients.

One of my biggest values is connecting with and playing with my children as much as I can. But I remember going through a phase a few years ago where I kept feeling like I was too busy, I kept telling myself (and my children) that I didn’t have time…

I kept feeling like my time was taken up by never ending jobs around the house, and I remember having this rushed, frantic kind of energy about not having enough time and trying to do it all and feeling really frustrated because I never got to the end of my list! And I remember so many times the words unconsciously and automatically coming out of my mouth when my children would ask me to play with them, “ I don’t have time right now,” “I can’t right now, I’ve got all this stuff that I need to do,” “we’ll do that later…” and then I wouldn’t actually get time to do what I’d said I was going to…

I remember the pivotal moment for me was one Sunday afternoon, when my goal for the weekend was to make time to play and engage with each of my kids 1:1 and give them some really quality time because I knew in my mind that I had really slipped in this area.

So it got to Sunday afternoon and I still hadn’t gotten around to doing what I set out to. And now here I was with a big mountain of laundry to fold and dinner to make, and I remember my son coming to ask me if I would play with him. And I remember the words were just on the tip of my tongue, ‘No I can’t right now,’ … when I caught myself and I looked at the laundry and realised how crazy it was and I thought to myself, ‘Why am I putting this ahead of what I actually want to be doing and what I actually value and my feelings and my sons feelings?!?!🤯

Becoming consciously aware that my actions were not lining up with my intentions meant that I was able to take action and make changes. After my kids had gone to bed that night I came up with the Alignment Compass Exercise which helped me to get really clear on what I value and what I prioritise. From that point forward I used those values as my North Star and I have never found myself so far out of alignment with my values since. Every time I notice myself getting ‘off track’, I readjust. And I catch myself much more quickly.

Whenever I have a choice about how I’m going to spend my time or which action is most aligned for me to take, I come back to my Alignment Compass and ask myself, “Is it aligned with my values?” “Is this something I prioritise?” It has helped me so much. And I’d really love to share that with you so you can get very clear on your own values and create your own North Star 🌟

For now though, you can get started simply by taking some quiet time and reflecting on these things. Bring them into your conscious awareness so that you can take action on them…

I’d love to know where you’re at with your values and priorities? Do you have questions or would like to know more about this – I’d love to hear from you! You can get in touch below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. And if you’d like my support to create more balance, ease and flow at home with your children, you can book right here.

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