Energy work can support you with emotional wellbeing, however it’s not a magic quick fix or shortcut to doing the real work.

A lot of people want to ‘skip over’ the emotional work because it’s harder. Delving into painful emotions or triggers is certainly not as pleasant as an essential oil massage or choosing a new crystal!

And while you may want a quick fix for an angry child (which crystal can I use for that?!?!) deep down you probably know that the emotional work is the real work. You can’t skip over it.

Energy work is there to support you, not do the work for you.

How can energetic tools like crystals, essential oils, sound healing, chakra clearing etc support yours/ your child’s emotional wellbeing?

As these tools lift your vibration back up to its highest state, lower vibrations (such as suppressed anger/ sadness/ guilt) will come up to be processed and released.

When you allow this release (through talking/ crying/ tantrums/ laughter etc) emotional healing can happen and you’ll stay in that high vibrational state. If you push the emotions back down however, your vibrational state will begin to lower once more.

So while the energetic modality you’ve chosen may appear to ‘work’ in the short term, it’s not actually solving the problem long term if you don’t also look at the underlying emotions.

Would you agree?

Do you have questions or would like to know more about this – I’d love to hear from you! You can get in touch through my Facebook page or via the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. And if you’d like my support to create more balance, ease and flow at home with your children, you can join my high-vibe membership right here.

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