21 days tailored to your needs, to help you understand yours and your child’s behaviours and responses and how you can feel more in alignment with those 🙌🧘🏼‍♀️✨

If you are feeling challenged by your children’s behaviours such as:

– fighting/ hitting/ biting

– not listening/ ignoring/ defiance

– tantrums

– yelling/ demanding

– waking multiple times per night/ taking a really long time to fall asleep

– having trouble settling into independent play

And/ or feeling challenged by your reactions to these behaviours such as:

– losing your patience

– feeling frustrated/ overwhelmed

– feeling stuck on repeat

– finding patterns playing out from your own childhood

– resorting to authoritarian or permissive parenting, even though neither feels right to you.

I’m offering this 21 day integration to help you feel more aligned to your true values, to help you understand your child’s challenging behaviours and how to change your responses to those.

What do we cover?

We can work on any topics that are coming up for you! (Most commonly including those I’ve just mentioned, but if you’d like to know if I can help with something else please be in touch!)

How does it work?

You will have 1:1 access to me via Facebook messenger: including voice and text message. Any parenting issues and questions are welcomed, there are no limits on the amount of support you need over the 21 days.

You will also receive any meditations or other resources from my toolkit that are helpful for your situation.

My aim in working with you in this close, integrative way is to be there each step with you (a mentor in your pocket!), when you’re feeling confused, unclear or unsure of what to do or say when certain things come up with your children.

I’m choosing to offer this format so that there’s no need for you to book and schedule a time slot. Many mums that I know find getting to appointments tricky!

This is a way we can work around your family life, any time of day or night with flow and ease. 

Working across the span of 21 days also means we have the opportunity to work through challenges and questions as they come up and form new habits over this length of time, rather than having to book in and wait for a video consult.

Although it may not be immediate, I will always respond as quickly as possible each day.

When does it start?

You can purchase anytime but your 21 days will not officially start until you send me your first message (all the details will be emailed to you!)

21 days to deeply understand why your child is hitting/ shouting/ not listening etc and how you can put in place conscious, aligned choices that you deeply value.

If you are needing support, this deeply personalised 1:1 integration with me is like medicine for your soul.


My approach to parenting is based on emotional connection. 

I incorporate my education and experience as an Early Childhood Teacher, Mother and Lightworker Practitioner. I also draw on Aletha Solter’s Aware Parenting theory which I have practised with my own children for the last eight years.

If you are not willing for your children to cry or express anger, I may not be the mentor for you.

Upon booking you will receive a welcome email explaining how the integration will work and mini pre consultation questionnaire to help me get to know you and prepare for our time together. 

You will finish this integration having pinpointed the underlying issues and give you practical tools/ strategies to take forward into your day to day parenting so that you feel very confident and clear on your next steps and aligned to your true values as a mother.


* If you require a payment plan, please be in touch and I can arrange this for you 🙂