Transform the most challenging part of your day.

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck on repeat with the SAME challenges day after day.

Waking up? Maybe your child is oppositional from the get-go, refusing to have her nappy changed, crying about the breakfast you’ve made, fighting you, screaming and of course this set the tone for the rest of the day.

Getting ready for bed? Maybe you’re child refuses to stop jumping on the couch/ turn off the tv/ brush their teeth/ change into pyjamas or listen to anything you say! You feel like your simple requests turn into long, drawn out battles and end up losing your patience and feeling guilty

Whatever the most challenging part of your day, this program is a personalised, proactive, practical game plan to transform that over 21 days.

Back in 2011 my son was around 12 months old and one of the hardest parts of my day was getting the dinner made AKA ‘the witching hour’. It seemed like no matter how much I gave and no matter how much time I spent with him, he still needed more.

I felt like what I was doing was ALOT. I was very responsive, I was breast feeding on demand (which he seemed to need more and more too!) but particularly at this time of day he’d become more clingy, wanting to be picked up all the time, agitated, crying and having tantrums over the littlest things!

Because I had to stop and tend to my son so much getting dinner made could take me HOURS. It was frustrating and exhausting and I’d quite often give up and make toast instead!

I have another client who would resort to getting pizza delivered several nights a week!

The point is, it took up so much of my time and energy, left me feeling exhausted and frustrated and not having time to actually enjoy my son and enjoy being a mother!

The transformation began for me when a friend started sharing with me about how built-up emotions effect behaviour. This was the missing link. I started doing a lot of research and it just made so much SENSE to me. Once I had the understanding of why my son was behaving this way (despite all the effort I was pouring in), I stopped feeling like I was failing and was able to respond with much more awareness and empathy.

I decided to put my time and energy into being proactive rather reactive.

I made time and space for him to clear out all the emotional ‘baggage’ he was carrying around through tears and laughter with me throughout the day and I learnt to respond to challenging behaviours that did come up in the most aligned and effective way.

The ‘witching hour’ very quickly came a thing of the past for me. And I know that these same strategies can really work for you too.

We all spend the same amount of time on parenting, right? So we get to decide whether we want to spend that time meeting our kids emotional needs or whether we want to deal with the challenging behaviours caused by unmet needs later…

8 years later, I’m still using the same strategies with my kids day after day. Of course things are not perfect but for the most I’m proactive about preventing challenging behaviours and when they do come up I feel calm and confident to deal with them.

IMPORTANT. My strategies are gentle and emotionally responsive, I will encourage you to get comfortable with all of your child’s emotions and teach you how to hold space for those. However if you are not willing for your child to express anger/ tears or tantrums, this may not be the program for you.

 What we’re going to cover…

These challenging behaviours that you’re experiencing are just the tip of the iceberg. I want you to understand why these behaviours are coming up so that you can respond with more awareness and empathy.

Prevention strategies: put these in place to start solving the real underlying issue and diffusing those most challenging times of day.

Coping strategies: use these to feel confident in the heat of the moment and keep your cool

 What you get…

Instant access to 3 audio lessons upon sign up plus 3 weeks Voxer access with me where we will come up with with your personalised, proactive, practical game plan to transform the most challenging part of your day.

What is Voxer? Its a free app that is a bit like a grown up version of a walkie talkie! Basically, you can send me audio messages from anywhere in the world (or text) at anytime that is convenient to you rather than having to wait for an appointment. You get to feel supported and get the clarity you need, at any time of day.

So it’s like having a mentor in your pocket!

Each day Monday- Friday I will check in with you to keep you accountable in actually putting what you learn into practise, you can ask all your questions and we’ll work through any challenges you’re having.

Your 3 weeks will not start until you send me your first message. All the details will be in your welcome email.

 What’s covered in the audio lessons…

LESSON 1) How emotions effect behaviour

  • what kind of emotions our children might feel on a daily basis and why
  • what happens when these are not expressed
  • how our cultural conditioning contributes to us automatically dismissing or distracting most emotions
  • what kinds of behaviour we will see when our kids have lots of unexpressed emotions
  • how will that behaviour be different when our kids are free from unexpressed emotions

LESSON 2) Getting comfortable with emotions

  • The physiological benefits of tears
  • Healthy ways to express emotions
  • Changing your perspective on tears and tantrums – how getting comfortable with them actually means they happen less frequently!
  • How to ‘hold space’ for your young child
  • Being compassionate with yourself on this learning journey

LESSON 3) Setting positive limits with challenging behaviours

  • The golden key to finding  balance between permissive and concsious parenting
  • We can say ‘No” and still be loving!
  • Our kids will use our limits as ‘release valves’ for emotions they may have built up in the body
  • Validating your child’s emotions rather than minimising them
  • It’s okay for your child to have a big reaction to you saying ‘No.’
  • Stop getting drawn into power struggles or endless negotiations

If you want to get off the hamster wheel and feeling like the same challenges are playing out for you day after day after day and are willing to take action to create change – this is for you!

 Investment options

Normally $397. I have THREE spaces available at the special price of $297 until Saturday November 30th at 11.59pm. Once the spaces are filled, the price will change back over.

You will receive a welcome email with audio lessons immediately so that you can start creating change today!

 Love from others mums!

I signed up to work with Belinda as I was finding myself completely exhausted from giving in to every little demand as I just didn’t know how to say ‘no’ to my kids without the guilt setting in. Belinda quickly gave me the confidence to set limits in a way my children quickly accepted. This new skill has helped me feel more confident and happy as a mother and I am enjoying my kids so much more and seeing them for the beautiful gifts they are rather than feeling tired and agitated by them.”

Lauren (mother of two) 

“I was finding it really hard to enjoy my parenting journey through all the conflicts, tantrums and defiance of my toddler. Since working with Belinda and digging deep things have really begun to turn around for us. It’s definitely not all roses!! It has allowed me to regain my confidence as a mother and we are making some great progress as a family!’ 

Nikki (Mother of two) 

 Any other questions? I’d love to hear from you!