My journey so far…

I wanted to share more about myself, my experiences, qualifications and mentors that have helped to shape who I am and how I can help to support you!

I was born in Victoria, Australia. I am very blessed to have had a wonderful childhood. I always loved animals and was surrounded by many pets; rabbits, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, mice, fish, horses, cows and chickens …


I loved imaginative play and would be drawn into my own worlds for hours. From a young age I developed a love of writing. My 7th birthday present was an orange typewriter and I loved it so much! I would become completely absorbed in the stories as I wrote.

I was a very sensitive child. My family moved to Queensland when I was 8 and I ended up going to 5 different schools by the time I graduated high school. Academically, I found school very easy but I was always very quiet and often anxious.

work experience 1998

Since I was 15, I always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. I found children such a joy to be with; the honesty, sense of wonder, presence, curiosity, creativity, imagination and delight. I spent a week of grade 10 as a work experience student in a kindergarten and was completely sold!

After graduating high school I moved to Brisbane (Australia) to study Early Childhood Teaching at Queensland University of Technology. I minored in creative arts and literature.


While I was studying, I also worked part-time in childcare centres and after graduating I took on a Lead Educator role within a childcare centre. I quickly realised that I wanted to be part of something different though and a few months later decided to move away from mainstream, profit driven childcare services towards passionate, community driven kindergartens.

I taught at an inspiring kindergarten on the University of Queensland’s campus for two years.

Following that, I moved to the Sunshine Coast and began working casually for a Montessori Early Childhood service which catered for children from 15 months – 6 years. After working in the classrooms for a few months I was offered a position as the Director. I was excited to immerse myself in the world of Montessori and stayed there until my son Archie was due to be born in 2010.


During my pregnancy, when I wasn’t working and hanging out with my dog, I attended regular yoga and meditation classes (both of which have become daily staples in my life) and was a complete book nerd – reading so much on pregnancy and gentle birth. I planned for a natural water birth, within the birthing clinic attached to the hospital. We visited several times before the birth and all went to plan… yet it still wasn’t the empowering experience I’d imagined.

I definitely felt like I was in unfamiliar territory, my partner had no idea how to support me and I thought it would all come naturally! I ended up having midwives I wasn’t familiar with and although I had visited the clinic during my pregnancy, the birthing suite was unfamiliar and I didn’t realise just how much impact this would have on my birth; causing stress, slowing things down and making me feel pressured.


Once back at home, I struggled with the pain of breastfeeding. I remember wondering how other people did it! I’m so grateful for all the reading I did during pregnancy that convinced me to persist because it became such a beautiful connection for us and we ended up continuing until Archie was 4.

I found that I was naturally drawn to a gentle/ attachment parenting style. Hearing my son cry felt painful so I always tried to meet his needs and stop the crying as quickly as possible.

The trouble was, even though I tried to tend to every need, my son became more clingy, demanding, wanting to breastfeed more often, wanting to be picked up all the time, biting me and hurting our cat and dog.  I was exhausted but couldn’t see any way to change things as I had the belief I either needed to put up with the exhaustion or switch to a more authoritarian ‘cry-it-out’ type approach (which I didn’t want to do!)

It was around this time my yoga teacher, Hannah Andrews, introduced me to Aletha Solter’s Aware Parenting philosophy which is based on attachment style parenting, non punitive discipline and helping children heal from stress and trauma. It all resonated so much, particularly the idea that unmet needs, stress and trauma (which every baby experiences to some degree) contribute to behavioural and emotional issues and how we can help them to heal through supported crying, play and laughter. I ordered Aletha’s first book ‘The Aware Baby’ and quickly moved on to all of her others. (I’ve re-read them numerous times over the years!)

The biggest work for me was becoming more comfortable and present with my own emotions after a lifetime of cultural conditioning telling me to push them down. However, the more listened, the more I was able to be present with Archie’s emotions and the more relaxed, calm and happy he became (and thankfully, the more soundly he slept!)

In 2011 I continued my journey of self discovery by studying with Hannah Andrews as my guide to become a Certified Lightworker Practitioner where I studied the energetic body, energy healing, meditation, oracle cards, crystals, spirit animals, guides, inner child work + more. I was also lucky to have the opportunity to attend two Aware Parenting workshops with Marion Rose whilst she visited the Sunshine Coast.

In 2013 I began working in the kindergarten of the local Steiner school. The consciousness of the classroom and curriculum was so healing for my soul and inner child. Archie attended a Steiner inspired family daycare for that time and I loved that we both got to be immersed in the same parallel rhythms. I was so inspired by the beauty of everything! And I loved having the opportunity to learn about the Steiner philosophy and see the children flourishing.


I also became pregnant with my son Louie that year! I had a strong urge to do some holistic counselling sessions which I did monthly throughout my pregnancy and found incredibly profound, using inner child work, painting and drawing to work though many old hurts and bottled up emotions that were causing conflict in my relationship with my partner. I could clearly see the way past hurts from my childhood were coming up to be heard and healed so that I could move forward with more consciousness and presence.


I also felt strongly called to learn hypno-birthing and enrolled in a course for couples so that my partner and I could both feel more empowered with our second son’s birth. I hired private midwives so that we could have continuity of care and opted for a home birth. All of this contributed to feeling safe, empowered and cared for throughout the birth and afterwards. I’m so grateful for this healing experience and that I had so much more understanding and capacity to listen to Louie’s feelings, right from birth.

In 2015, I decided to open my own Steiner Inspired family daycare so that I could be at home with Louie and Archie (when he wasn’t at kindergarten).

By that time, having passionately practised Aware Parenting since the end of 2010, I also decided to enrol in Marion Rose’s 9 month Aware Parenting Instructor Mentorship so that I could blend this philosophy with my love of Steiner education. I LOVED having the opportunity to share these approaches to parenting and education with even more children and their families.

In 2016, I enrolled in Hannah Andrews course Trust Your Intuition which, as the name suggests helped me to deeply listen to and act upon my intuition, letting it guide me like a compass. We learnt about the energetic body, clearing energy, meditation, spirit animals, guides and again I was particularly drawn to delving into inner child work, having already seen and experienced the profound way this work can heal past hurts and transform the way you feel/ think and behave and the experiences you have in the present.

Also in 2016 I studied a short course on writing children’s stories, which if you have been following my work for a while you’ll know I’ve dabbled a little bit with this over the years and am particularly interested in therapeutic storytelling.

On New Years Eve, 2016, my business as a Conscious Parenting Mentor was born. I sat up late that night inspired and excited to work on my first eCourse which had been bubbling in the back of my mind for months! I was excited to bring my work to even more families than just those who attended my daycare.


In 2018 I studied two of Marion Rose’s courses: PsychoSpiritual Parenting and The Wonder of Willingness where I dove deeply into how we as parents can help our children stay deeply connected to who they really are (+ so much more!)

In 2019 I attended a full day Aware Parenting Masterclass with Marion Rose and Lael Stone in Byron Bay.


I also attended a full day workshop with Sand Mew, where we spent the day learning invaluable tools to clear tour triggers, emotional baggage, conditioning and beliefs.

In 2020 I dove in deeper with Sand Mew by going through the Spiral. The Spiral™ is a process created (or discovered) by Dane Thomas in 2012 that permanently raises a person’s level of consciousness and vibration by shedding a vast amount of their personal baggage and emotional wounding.

Each week in the Spiral journey we cleared past trapped emotions. Altogether we went through and cleared 66 trapped emotions, pinpointed in time. I realised that a lot of the emotions that came up for me were imprinted from the period birth – 7 years. I went back and counted them. Over 70% of the emotions trapped in my body, impacting the way I was living as an adult are from my birth to 7 year period.

I already knew just how much of a formative window this is. But this experience really cemented it for me. It emphasised just how important my work with mothers is, and how important it is to be  aware of this window in time when our kids are absorbing everything around around them, when what we say and do has such an impact. It’s so important for us as mothers to clear our emotional baggage out of the way so that we’re not passing it on to our kids and so that we can be consciously choosing the way we respond to our children much as possible.


2020 was a year of uncertainty and big challenges for us all. I’m grateful that it also brought some blessings such as having extra time with my dog who passed away in June 2021;

And the push to begin homeschooling, something I had wanted to try for years but had never taken action on. I love being able to adapt the Steiner Curriculum to suit Archie + Louie. I love creating their lessons filled with rich imagery, story, depth, creativity and following their own areas of interest. I love being able to work from home with mothers around the world raising emotional awareness and contributing to a more peaceful planet.

I’m so grateful to all the people I’ve learnt from over the years, and am excited to keep learning and experiencing and sharing more!

Thankyou so much for your interest in my work, it means the world to me. 🤍