with rock-solid foundations 💥

Your child’s behaviour is a form of communication. Learn how to speak the language and become the calm, conscious guide you want to be for your child.

Parenting is a crash course in personal development. And unfortunately we don’t get to take this course in a quiet yoga studio or meditation retreat. It’s through the roller coaster of messy, everyday life.

Becoming a conscious parent is not a quick or easy path, but the benefits far outweigh the challenges. It’s a daily practise, of not only parenting your child but also re-parenting yourself. (This is often the most unexpected and challenging part!)

 In this Masterclass you’re going to learn:

the 3 main reasons why children cry or misbehave

What you child is trying to tell you through their behaviour

The truth about toddler tantrums: what you need to know for a more harmonious home

How emotions effect yours (and your child’s) actions, reactions, behaviour and how to work with this knowledge

Set up two simple daily practices that are going to give you rock solid foundations to become the calm, conscious guide you want to be for your child.

Feel calmer and more equipped to work through tears, tantrums, arguments and other challenges with your child rather than avoiding them (and perpetuating the cycle!)

How does it work?

You’ll receive a comprehensive lesson video (70 minutes), printable workbook plus an audio in case you want to listen on the go – immediate delivery to your inbox. Included is 30 days follow up support via email for any questions you may have.

*30 days from date of purchase*

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