A simple strategy for smoother evenings with your kids

The early evening can be pretty hard work. Many parents experience behaviours at this time of day that aren't so fun such as attention seeking, arguing, defiance or tantrums. Let me share a simple strategy that will support your child emotionally and reduce the amount of time you need to spend dealing with these types of behaviours (and the strategies won't take longer than 15 minutes!)

Feeling manipulated by your kids?

I've come to realise that feeling manipulated by your kids is more about how YOU'RE feeling, than what your child is saying or doing. When you feel manipulated it's because you're not feeling clear within yourself on whatever the issue is. This isn't your child's fault. It's your responsibility to work this out so that you can hold a clear and calm space for your child...

Working through childhood fears and feelings using play

How you can (easily) use play to help your child work through their fears and feelings. Play is your secret weapon to creating a more harmonious home during any time of transition, change or emotional stress #hello2020 This post is about how I used play to help my son work through anxiety about the pool, but you can use the same principles for just about any childhood issue. When we work with our kids emotions rather than against them , parenting becomes a whole lot easier and more enjoyable! Read more:

Balancing work and motherhood

Do you find it tricky to shift from work mode into ‘mum mode’?Finding yourself feeling frustrated with the same parenting challenges and conflicts coming up day after day? As a conscious, heart centred woman, parenting should just flow… right? So why is it not working??? I can almost guarantee that the issue you’re overlooking is emotional and the good news is, I can help you with that!