This is a “quick fix” to help you understand your child’s challenging behaviours and respond to those for maximum effectiveness 💛

If you are feeling challenged by your children’s behaviours such as:

– fighting/ hitting/ biting

– not listening/ ignoring/ defiance

– tantrums

– yelling/ demanding

– sleep issues

And/ or feeling challenged by your reactions to these behaviours such as:

– losing your patience

– feeling frustrated/ overwhelmed

– feeling stuck on repeat

– finding patterns playing out from your own childhood

What do we cover?

We can work on any topics that are coming up for you! (Most commonly including those I’ve just mentioned, but if you’d like to know if I can help with something else please be in touch!)

My approach to parenting is based on emotional connection.

I incorporate my education and experience as an Early Childhood Teacher, Mother and Lightworker Practitioner. I also draw on Aletha Solter’s Aware Parenting theory which I have practised with my own children for the last eight years.

If you’re not already familiar with Aware Parenting it consists of the following elements: attachment style parenting, non- punitive discipline and loving listening/ acceptance of all emotions.

If you are not willing for your children to cry or express anger, I may not be the mentor for you.

How does it work?

Upon booking you will receive a welcome email letting you know how to book your preferred time slot. Appointments are currently available on Mondays (Brisbane, Australia time). You will also receive a pre consultation questionnaire to help me get to know you and prepare for your consult so that you can get the most out of it. We will then meet online for 50 minutes via Facetime.

During your consult we will pinpoint the underlying issues and give you practical tools/ strategies to take forward into your day to day parenting so that you feel very confident and clear on your next steps and aligned to your true values as a mother.