… to the unconditional love that you are 

“How I respond as a mother has more to do with what I’m feeling than what my child is doing,”

~ Bridgett Miller

Do you find yourself reacting or feeling triggered by your children’s challenging behaviours?


Do you find yourself feeling stuck on repeat?

Frustrated, angry, agitated, impatient and reacting in ways that aren’t really in alignment with your values, such as shouting or using force?

Afterwards you fall into the guilt trap…

And promise yourself that tomorrow will be different…

But then the behaviours start again…

And around and around it goes!

what if…

your child’s behaviour isn’t actually the problem here?

what if…

ignoring and pushing down your own feelings and needs is causing you to react, respond and behave in these ways you don’t really value or enjoy and perpetuating the cycle?

what if…

you could change your reaction and help to solve the underlying problem that’s causing your child to behave the way they are?

what if…

you could come back into alignment with your values, your intuition, your inner guiding compass and your true loving nature?

what if…

you could come home to your true soul self and respond to life: your children, partner and experiences, from that place?


Sometimes you push your inner feelings and needs aside.

You stop listening to that little intuitive inner voice that guides you in staying connected.

As a sensitive soul living in a noisy, busy world, it’s easy for that little voice to be drowned out.

And of course you have the best intentions. You push that little inner voice aside because you’re trying to do more for your family.

But when your feelings and needs build up under the surface and you push them down rather than allowing them to be released, you accumulate tension and agitation in the body.

Your true loving nature is clouded over by this build up of feelings simmering under the surface.

And you end up feeling disconnected from who you really are.

This course is about tuning back in to the subtle sounds of your intuition, so that you can listen to your own feelings and needs and reconnect with your true loving nature.


Over 4 weeks, we’ll awaken and activate your 4 inner superpowers so that you can come home to the unconditional love that you are!


Superpower #1 Inner Knowing


Awaken your inner knowing meditation

Video training on how to get a clear knowing for your values and living/ mothering in alignment with those.


Superpower #2 Inner Seeing


Activate your inner sight meditation

Video training on how to clearly see where you are being triggered and how your past may be clouding your judgment. I’ll be taking you through my Inner child healing process + you’ll receive the accompanying workbook to use over and over again.


Superpower #3 Inner Listening


Activate your inner listening meditation

Video training on clearly hearing and responding to your own feelings and needs


Superpower #4 Inner Feeling


Come home to your heart meditation

Video training on finding ways to increasingly feel at home and present in the unconditional love that you are.

I love supporting mothers to look within and meet themselves with more awareness and compassion because I believe that when we do… that’s when parenting really transforms.

Are you ready to come home?

(This program is currently only available within my online Circle.)


Where does the training take place?

Within my intimate and sacred Circle, which is a super supportive and loving Facebook group

Any other questions? I’d love to hear from you!