This program is for mothers who are ready to create more connection, fun, ease and flow at home with their children.

Are you ready to equip yourself with new tools and strategies to create lasting change for your family?

The results:

✔️ get clear on why your child is behaving the way they are and how you can solve the real underlying issues

✔️see a natural reduction in challenging (mis)behaviours such as attention seeking, defiance, hitting, yelling, arguments, tantrums and sleep issues

✔️ experience easier bedtimes, more cooperation, more calm, more harmonious family dynamics

✔️ feel equipped with proactive tools and strategies to work through tantrums, arguments and other challenges rather than avoiding them (and perpetuating the cycle)

✔️ feel equipped to work through your own emotions, triggers and unconscious patterns rather than passing them on to your child

You don’t have to continue struggling with this and trying to figure it out on your own. I have put this package together for passionate, purpose driven mamas who are BUSY. Rather than signing up for another eCourse that you never actually do, we’re going to work through this together, in real time one:one

🌟Simply decide that you are going to create the change you want and will dedicate 60-90minutes (at the same time each week) to our call to make that happen 🌟

What’s included:

The Connect journey is 8 weeks long and can be done online from anywhere in the world. We will work through the themes of the 7 energy centres (chakras) to learn relevant tools and practises to support you in each area. The final week will be set aside for support with integration.

Part course/ part mentoring/ part clearing. Each week includes
time for:

  • Working through some specific information/ exercises/ tools/ practises
  • Working through any issues that are coming up for you with practical parenting support
  • Working through the Inner Child Process to clear your own emotional triggers

What we’re covering:


Week 1: Setting up solid foundations. Learn exactly how emotions effect behaviour, build trusting relationships and secure attachment, talk through any ‘sticking points’ in your routine, get crystal clear on your values and priorities + intro to inner child work.

Week 2: Question your conditioning. Identify suppression patterns that you use to numb and distract yourself and your child from emotions, why it’s crucial to stop sweeping them under the carpet if you want to create a more harmonious home, my 4 part framework for releasing these patterns + intro to inner child work continued.

Week 3: Power/ powerlessness. Empowering your child through age-appropriate choice, plenty of opportunity for autonomy, independence, moving away from old fashioned methods of coercion or power over your child and instead learn to guide behaviour without punishment/ rewards + inner child work.

Week 4: Making friends with feelings. As you practise softening, opening and responding lovingly to your child’s big feelings/ tears/ tantrums you’ll begin to re-parent and respond to yourself in the same ways too + inner child work.

Week 5: Use connection, play, art and story as tools to support your child’s emotional wellbeing and expression. Proactively build connection and support your child through specific challenges such as fear of the pool, hates brushing teeth, adjusting to new baby etc + inner child work.

Week 6: Your triggers are an opportunity for growth and healing. The themes of the third eye chakra are around perception and relationships. Get clear on the auto-pilot reactions that you’d like to change + inner child work.

Week 7: Stop feeling overwhelmed and step into more presence, self awareness and mindfulness. Tangible tools to support you with this + inner child work


Week 8: Integration. By putting the concepts from weeks 1-7 into practice you are taking this new knowledge and rewiring the neural pathways in your brain. Real transformation won’t happen overnight. It takes time. And that’s why I’ve designed this program to span 8 weeks. I am here to support you in being compassionate and gentle with yourself as you move forward on that journey and create your new normal. Support and accountability = the golden key to creating sustainable change + inner child work

What is inner child work and how does it help make parenting easier?

Sometimes, it might seem like no matter how much you learn about the practical side of conscious parenting… repetitive triggers and old patterns (like shouting, shaming, punishing, etc) continue to show up and get in the way.

If you had any painful experiences as a child (we all did!) such as feeling scared, hurt, judged, shamed, powerless or punished and you pushed those emotions down, it’s likely they will still be buried somewhere in your unconscious. And when you have a similar experience or something brings up the same kinds of emotions you might find yourself feeling triggered or having a disproportionate reaction. It means that part of your psyche is coming up to be heard and healed. If you’re not conscious of them, these wounded inner child parts can really run the show! Through inner child work you can go back into any emotional memory (whether conscious or unconscious) and give yourself what you were actually needing at that time.

When you do your own healing it means you can hold a bigger space for your children to work through their stuff without yours getting in the way 🙌

Equip yourself with new tools and clear the emotions and patterns that keep holding you back from being the mother you’d really love to be.

This would be a good fit for you if...

✔️ You are an intuitive, heart centred and purpose driven woman who would love to find more balance, ease and flow at home with your children

✔️You feel like you’re stuck on repeat with the same challenges or conflicts coming up day after day

✔️You find yourself resorting to distracting your kids using screens, food, dummy or breastfeeding to avoid tantrums and find some peace more often than you’d like…

✔️ You find yourself feeling triggered or slipping into old reactions or patterns of behaviour on a regular basis

✔️ You value conscious, gentle parenting approaches and are willing to take action in order to create the change you desire

✔️ You have children aged 1 – 6 years

✔️ You are too busy to keep trawling through online articles and eCourses trying and figure this out on your own

✔️ You want to love being a mother during these early childhood years!

This program would NOT be a good fit for you if…

✖️ You’re not willing for your child to cry or express anger (with your emotional support)

✖️ You’re not ready to take action and are hoping for a magic pill

There are TWO options for you to choose from.

Face-to- FaceFlexible
Supporting workbooks and meditations✔️✔️
Unlimited voice and text message support via Voxer –
like having a mentor in your pocket!
Weekly video call deep dive via Zoom –
for practical parenting support + guided inner child work

Ready to get started? Book your place below. If you would like to check my times/ availability beforehand for face-to-face sessions or have others questions, please get in touch via the form below.

Option 1: Face-to-Face

Option 2: Flexible