For Mums with little ones…this is medicine for your soul 🧪

Would you like to better understand your child’s challenging behaviours and how to change your responses to those so they actually feel more in alignment with your SOUL rather than just running on exhausted autopilot!?

Would you like to raise emotionally connected kids AND find your own path to connected, happy, self loving mama?

For just $35/month, you can join this immersive, loving, empowering, inspiring, intimate community of like minded mothers.

This program was written to help you navigate the early years of motherhood: life with babies, toddlers and preschoolers; the constant demands, tantrums, clingyness and broken sleep!

As your mentor, I will be holding a deeply nurturing space where you can be lovingly listened to and empowered to work through your individual challenges.



This program is two-fold. The women in this community recognise the parallel importance of inner spiritual and personal work AS WELL AS practical, grounded parenting strategies. We connect inside to ourselves. And we connect outside to our children. We create balance.

This program will support you to: 

1)Recognise when you have disconnected from yourself or are out of alignment (this might include signs like impatience, shouting, feeling resentful)

2) Recognise the way feelings effect your child’s behaviour … right from birth! (including aggression, clinging, demanding and sleep issues)

3) Unpack your cultural and family conditioning to identify the ways you unknowingly distract both yourself and your child from your feelings and how to start gently modifying these patterns

4) Get clear on your own feelings, needs, values, intuition so that you feel deeply connected to your soul

5) Utilise different types of therapeutic play for any childhood issue!

6) Turn your triggers into golden opportunities for healing through inner child work

7) Respond to yours and your child’s feelings with love

More about the modules…

Module 1: Diagnose the disconnect

For yourself: Discover the signs you’ve been missing that tell you when you have disconnected from yourself (commonly things like losing patience, shouting, feeling resentful etc) so that you can respond with more awareness and compassion.

For your child: Recognise your child’s challenging behaviours (clinging, demanding, not sleeping, aggression, tantrums) as SIGNALS of disconnection so that you can respond with more awareness and compassion.

Module 2: Question your conditioning

Recognise the conditioned responses you carry from your childhood so that you can clearly see how these are playing out in your life and your child’s life today.

Identify the ways you unknowingly distract both yourself and your child from feelings and gently modify your responses.

Get free from your old stories, beliefs and patterns so that you and your child are more free to stay connected to your real feelings without covering them up.

Module 3: Re-connect to yourself

Activate your “Inner listening” so that you can listen to your own feelings, needs and intuition.

Learn to trust your intuitive responses so that you can take aligned action

Learn why connecting within is the cornerstone/ golden key to a happier motherhood 

Create your alignment compass and get really clear on your values so that you can make aligned choices about how to spend your time and not feel pulled in a hundred different directions each day.

Learn to reconnect to yourself in mini moments throughout the day so that you feel more nurtured and energised.


Module 4: Re-connect to your child

Create a climate of emotional safety so that your child feels safe to share their feelings and needs with you

Understand different types of therapeutic play and how to utilise them with your child so that you can support them with any childhood challenges such as fears, welcoming a new baby, separation anxiety etc

Module 5: Respond with Love

For yourself:

Connect with your inner mother, so that you have the ability to respond to yourself with love, in any situation.

Connect with your inner child and learn a powerful process to offer love and compassion to the little parts of you who feel hurt or triggered so that you can integrate healing and respond without the baggage.

For your child:

Emotions don’t have to be the enemy! Learn tools and phrases to help you hold space for (yours and your child’s!) big feelings, tears and tantrums.

Learn why our children sometimes cry over seemingly insignificant things so that you can respond in the most effective way

Learn to get off the fast track to losing your patience and shouting with these instant re-connection tools.

Its ok to say ‘no.’ Learn to set limits with warmth and love. This is the golden key to finding balance between authoritarian and permissive parenting.




I imagine a world where we all remain connected to our real feelings and self and the positive ripple of change this could bring to world.

 Why might you join?

You might be struggling with parenting challenges such as

– fighting/ hitting/ biting

– not listening/ ignoring/ defiance

– tantrums

– yelling/ demanding

– waking multiple times per night/ taking a really long time to fall asleep

– having trouble settling into independent play


And/ or feeling challenged by your reactions to these behaviours such as:

– losing your patience

– feeling frustrated/ overwhelmed

– feeling stuck on repeat

– finding patterns playing out from your own childhood

– resorting to authoritarian or permissive parenting, even though neither feels right to you.


What’s included?

The program is housed within a private Facebook group haven, all of the modules and resources are ready to download straight from the group, including a mixture of busy-mama friendly multi-media resources.






There will also be the opportunity for weekly q+a (via text and livestream) in the Facebook group for those times you need information, ideas or starategies for whatever challenges and scenarios are coming up for your and your children. 

You can choose to stay in the program as long as you like!

This is a great solution for those who would like some 1:1 parent coaching but struggle to find the money or time.

This is a self paced program. Unrushed and spacious. This program allows you to bring up what’s important to YOU, time for you to practice what you’ve learnt at home, ask questions, get feedback and share your challenges. If you have a challenging week, you won’t get left behind feeling over whelmed and defeated. Having a like minded circle of mothers and receiving personalised support is your key to success.


1) a New Moon circle where you will be encouraged to share whatever is on your heart (and I will share the themes of the New Moon for you to reflect on) + free crystal oracle card readings.

2) a Full Moon circle where you will be encouraged to share whatever is on your heart (and I will share the themes of the full moon for you to reflect on) + a monthly essential oil giveaway.

Each month you receive

Access to the online course ‘Connect’ (yours to download and keep!) value $250

Personalised q + a support value $75

Fortnightly Online Moon Circles + access to ongoing community of like minded women value $50

Total Value $375

You can join for just $35/mth! 






Words from other happy mamas after working with me:

“I have been completely blown away by the insight and content available within this program! It has assisted me on a journey to become a more centred and wiser version of me💛

And with the tools and mentoring available, helped me to be the conscious and connected parent my children needed. Belinda’s support, guidance and wisdom has been so important to help me move through some of my most confronting inner child blockages, as well as most challenges parenting situations and I am able to now see the connection between them.

It has not only helped bring so much more awareness into my world, it has given me the biggest and most precious gift I could ask, and that is to have a deeper, empathetic bond with my children”


Delaney Constantinou, Victoria, Australia

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“Working with Belinda has made a big difference to how I am able to relate to my daughter.  My mood feels lifted, I feel calmer, clearer and more emotionally empowered.

I read and hear of so many personal development things that would benefit me as a mother but with a busy, young child I struggle to take action on them.

The resources in this program were perfect in length, allowing me to take bite-sized chunks of action. And action creates CHANGE. I am getting amazing results from program. Such a blessing!”

Lea Montague, Queenland, Australia


What happens after I join?

You’ll receive an immediate welcome email containing your link to the private facebook group where the program takes place and you can get started straight away!

What age group of children is this aimed at?

There’s no set age but this program is aimed at mothers in the early years of motherhood with children from 0-5 years

What if I’m not comfortable with my children crying or expressing anger?

Many sensitive mothers feel this way and I highly encourage you to check out my post here with some more perspective on this.

Throughout this program I will encourage you to accept all emotions and help your children heal through empathetic listening to crying, tantrums, play and laughter. I will teach you how to hold a loving space for all of your child’s emotions and how to process your own thoughts and feelings around this.

This program incorporates some of the theory from Aletha Solter’s Aware Parenting approach. I highly encourage you to purchase her books and found them invaluable myself when starting out.

However, once I started implementing this approach I found that I had many questions and challenges come up where I needed more personalised support and that’s why I’ve combined my two decades of education and experience as an Early Childhood Teacher, Mother and Lightworker Practitioner and poured my heart and soul into creating this program.

If you are not willing for your children to cry or express anger, this may not be the program for you.

How long does the program go for?

This is a self paced program. There are 5 modules which you can do as quickly as you please. You are most welcome to stay in the program even after completing the modules for ongoing support and sense of community. 

What if I’d like to cancel my membership?

You can simply email to let me know and I will cancel your membership for you or you can easily do this yourself if you prefer through your PayPal account.

What is your refund policy?

If for some reason you are not happy with the program or content at any time within six months after your initial purchase, please write to let me know and I will happily refund your money.

Any other questions? I’d love to hear from you! Please contact me via email below.