Sometimes… it’s just not that easy to sit and ‘be’ with our kids, even on special occasions like Easter. We find ourselves too busy and plagued by “shoulds” and self judgment, when we really just want to enjoy the moment!

Does this ever happen to you?

If it does, you are definitely not alone!

Are you ready to step into a more aligned and connected way of being as a mother so you can really be present and enjoy your time with your children?


This is a simple but powerful eKit designed to help you  delve into unconscious family patterns/ ways of thinking/ guilt/ shame and self judgment through reflection and journaling prompts so that you can enjoy more presence, and connection in your Easter celebration, whatever that looks like for your family.

What the eKit covers

:: connection with your kids and how we can give a sense of security when routines are thrown out by late nights, visitors, different foods etc

:: how family celebrations can re-expose the childhood wounds you’ve learnt to cover up and what you can do in these situations instead of overreacting

:: why we as mothers often suffer from a misguided sense of obligation and duty and how to break free of these patterns for more JOY

:: creating heartfelt and meaningful celebrations + simple and practical ideas to incorporate into your magical Autumnal Easter

PLUS there’s a bonus Easter audio story for your kids with your own digital copy of hand painted watercolour artwork from Forgetful Fairy Art Studio.


As mothers, we need these opportunities to reflect and process our own feelings, so that we are not taking them out on our children.

So we can find clarity.

So we can be more present and patient.

So we can be our best self.

What exactly will you receive?

A digital guide with journaling prompts (PDF format)

A digital children’s audio story (MP3 format)

A digital children’s artwork (JPG format)

– all straight to your inbox