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Presented by Belinda Connelly, Early Childhood teacher and Conscious Parenting mentor (B. Ed Early Childhood, Cert. Lightworker Practitioner)

If there’s one thing I hear over and over again it’s that kind hearted mothers (just like you!) want to use gentle parenting techniques, yet find themselves slipping into reactionary patterns more often than they’d like to admit.

Our reactionary patterns are set up in childhood. They are based on what we experienced within the first seven years of life. So if you find yourself slipping into these patterns, it’s not your fault. And you can change them!

(On the flip side, you might like to consider that these are also the most formative years of your child’s life, so it’s the most helpful time for you to be clearing your own unconscious emotions rather than passing them on)

The patterns that I’m talking about might include things like automatically distracting your kids (and yourself!) from emotions through things like food, screens and toys for example.

Or it could include things like losing patience and shouting, punishing, shaming (even though you don’t want to be doing those things).

It could also include feeling guilty, speaking unkindly to yourself and punishing yourself when you do fall into these reactionary patterns.

If you’d like to clear unconscious emotions and conditioning that are holding you back from being the mother you’d love to be… this is just the beginning!

Over 7 days we’ll tap into each of the energy centres to unlock the 7 keys to more conscious and connected parenting with a quick exercise for you to try.

Crown – I understand

Third Eye – I see

Throat – I express

Heart – I love

Solar Plexus – I do

Sacral – I feel

Base – I am

 In this mini-course you’re going to learn:

The importance of getting clear on your values and priorities so you can stop wasting your energy on guilt, shame and dogma.

The ways you numb your emotions and unknowingly pass these patterns on to your children + an exercise in feeling your feelings!

Why learning to trust your intuition should be a high priority for conscious mothers and how you can get started really easily

What does holding space really mean and how to master this spiritual practise with toddlers and young children

Why creating a sense of emotional safety in your home is so important and how to use laughter and connection to express unconscious emotions

Why your old patterns, triggers and big reactions continue to show up and get in the way of conscious parenting and how to use these to your advantage

Why so many mothers in our society feel overwhelmed and how to step into more presence, self awareness and mindfulness

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