This is for you if you are new to conscious parenting and don’t yet have the practical support and strategies you need so that you can learn to respond more calmly, compassionately and effectively to your child’s big feelings and challenging behaviours.

I work via a free app called Voxer, through audio and text. I LOVE this way of working! It is so helpful for mothers who have their hands full! It means that I can work with you from anywhere in the world, at any time of day.

How does this look in practise?

A recent client of mine resonated with the idea of conscious parenting but was really struggling to put it into practise. Although she was really trying to stay calm with tantrums and her 4 year old’s unwillingness to cooperate, it always seemed to end in shouting as she didn’t have any other strategies in place. In times of stress my client found herself resorting to her own childhood patterns and feeling like she was stuck on a hamster wheel she didn’t want to be on anymore. She wanted to feel more confident to deal with these kinds of situations calmly, consciously and also effectively.

Through our work together I shared

  • digital resources
  • preventative strategies
  • responsive strategies

I was also available for trouble shooting, giving feedback and responding to questions.

I love that I can support mothers in this close way and be just a button away to make sure you are supported and guided in the right direction!

Whenever my client had issues come up with her daughter, she would jump on Voxer and leave me a message.

“This is what happened…”

“This is how I handled it…”

“This is how I’m feeling about that…”

She didn’t have to wait a week for a set appointment time to get it off her chest and start figuring things out. She had the power to do that immediaitely!

I check in with my clients at least 1-2 times per day, so the next time I jumped on Voxer I was able to give her lots of empathy for how she was feeling and feedback on the way she’d responded and what she could do differently next time.

Whatever your challenge with your child, this is your personalised, proactive, practical game plan to move forward with clarity!

Some of the most common challenges I support mothers with:

  • sleep – your little one takes a really long time to fall asleep or they seem to wake up a million times per night
  • aggression – shouting, biting, pinching, pushing, hurting
  • tantrums – your little one has multiple tantrums per day over the tiniest things – like cutting his sandwich into squares instead of triangles and you find yourself giving in or walking on eggshells to avoid another meltdown
  • cooperation – your little one refuses to cooperate with anything, getting dressed, getting in the car, brushing their teeth. Every request turns into a long, drawn out negotiation – it’s exhausting!
  • attention seeking – your little one is constantly demanding your attention, wanting to be held while you’re trying to do other tasks (like make dinner or have a shower!) and finds it difficult to settle into independent play

I understand exactly how exhausting and frustrating it feels when you’re already trying so hard and doing SO much and want you to know how much easier things can be when you have the tools and strategies you need.

Once you learn the tools, you’ll be able to keep re-using them for any new behavioural challenges or transitions that life throws at you, making it a valuable investment for your family.

IMPORTANT. My strategies are gentle and emotionally responsive, I will encourage you to get comfortable with all of your child’s emotions and teach you how to hold space for those. However if you are not willing for your child to express anger/ tears or tantrums, I may not be the practitioner for you.

 Here’s how you’re going to get off the hamster wheel and start feeling more empowered and confident as a conscious parent

STEP 1. Upon purchase you’ll receive 2 audio trainings + my pre-consultation questionnaire

Audio 1. “How emotions effect behaviour” (15 minutes)

  • Stop fighting big emotions and solve challenging behaviours for good!
  • Why getting comfortable with your child’s big emotions is one of the best things you can possibly do.

Audio 2. “The healing power of tears and getting comfortable with emotions.” (30 minutes)

  • Change your perspective on tears and tantrums and reduce the frequency!
  • Why walking on eggshells to try and keep the peace or avoid your child’s tears and tantrums ISN’T the solution – and what to do instead!

STEP 2. Based on your questionnaire we will then look at

  • preventative strategies: the most effective things you can do to prevent challenges arising with your child
  • responsive strategies: the most effective ways to respond to challenging moments with your child

STEP 3. Across 10 days you get to practise, trouble shoot, get my feedback and ask me questions via Voxer

  • Voxer is a free app (similar to facebook messenger) which allows audio and text messages from anywhere in the world, at any time of day!
  • I check in with my Voxer clients at least 1-2 times per day (Monday – Friday) Satuday/Sunday will not count towards your 10 days. All the details will be in your welcome email.
  • Your 10 days of Voxer support will not begin until you send me your first message. You can buy now and use this anytime before the end of 2020.

If you would like resources, support and feedback to help you feel more empowered and confident as a conscious parent – this is for you!

 Get off the hamster wheel and register now!

BONUS for the first FIVE to register: $50 coupon to use on any of my programs and products, before the end of 2020!

Doors close 11.59pm Friday 21 February

 Love from others mums!

I signed up to work with Belinda as I was finding myself completely exhausted from giving in to every little demand as I just didn’t know how to say ‘no’ to my kids without the guilt setting in. Belinda quickly gave me the confidence to set limits in a way my children quickly accepted. This new skill has helped me feel more confident and happy as a mother and I am enjoying my kids so much more and seeing them for the beautiful gifts they are rather than feeling tired and agitated by them.”

Lauren (mother of two) 

“I was finding it really hard to enjoy my parenting journey through all the conflicts, tantrums and defiance of my toddler. Since working with Belinda and digging deep things have really begun to turn around for us. It’s definitely not all roses!! It has allowed me to regain my confidence as a mother and we are making some great progress as a family!’ 

Nikki (Mother of two) 

 Any other questions? I’d love to hear from you!