Some of the most common challenges I support mothers with:

  • aggression – shouting, biting, pinching, pushing, hurting

  • tantrums – your little one has multiple tantrums per day over the tiniest things – like cutting his sandwich into squares instead of triangles and you find yourself giving in or walking on eggshells to avoid another meltdown

  • cooperation – your little one refuses to cooperate with anything, getting dressed, getting in the car, brushing their teeth. Every request turns into a long, drawn out negotiation – it’s exhausting!

  • attention seeking – your little one is constantly demanding your attention, wanting to be held while you’re trying to do other tasks (like make dinner or have a shower!) and finds it difficult to settle into independent play

  • new sibling – wanting to prepare or help make the transition as smooth as possible for your toddler

  • new to conscious parenting – wanting to learn how you can start holding space and being more calm, compassionate and loving with your child’s BIG feelings

We will work with the underlying emotions to actually solve your challenges rather than just applying a ‘bandaid solution

IMPORTANT. My strategies are gentle and emotionally responsive, I will encourage you to get comfortable with all of your child’s emotions and teach you how to hold space for those. However if you are not willing for your child to express anger/ tears or tantrums, I may not be the practitioner for you.

 Love from others mums 💛

Any other questions? I’d love to hear from you!