The Golden Keys to finding balance and harmony in conscious parenting.



If you are a mother with kids under 5 and are struggling with getting your child to cooperate with

  • Getting changed
  • Getting in the car
  • Getting ready for bed
  • Turning off the iPad
  • Playing independently while you make dinner
  • Brushing their teeth (or any of a zillion other cooperation issues!)

This is for you! đź’Ą 


If every task becomes a long, frustrating negotiation or battle or you are exhausted by your child’s irrational demands and tantrums at the drop of a hat…

We are going to transform that over the next 21 days.

In this program we’ll be looking at the role feelings play in determining our children’s behaviour.

I’m sure you’ve experienced for yourself that when your child is feeling clear, calm and balanced they actually want to cooperate with you. They have a natural willingness to cooperate!

They want to please you, they want to help you, they want to imitate you.

So when they’re NOT doing those things, it’s generally a sign that there are some stored emotions (energy) sitting in the body that are getting in the way.

And generally they’ll be giving you lots of signals of this through their behaviour. Things like not listening, being uncooperative, hurting others, throwing toys, finding it hard to settle into play, finding it hard to relax for sleep, waking a lot at night, clinging, demanding your attention constantly etc.


Through these 4 audio trainings you will discover:

  • How built up emotions in the body effect your child’s natural willingness to cooperate
  • How you can help your child to release these emotions
  • How you can learn to set positive limits with challenging behaviours as a conscious mother
  • How you can get comfortable and hold a loving space for your child as they release their built up emotions through tears or tantrums
  • How to make it joyful through bringing in the power of play


Time commitment 

Approx 30 minutes per audio training

+ time to implement at home


You’ll receive an immediate welcome email with 4 audios + invitation to join me on Voxer where you can ask questions from anywhere in the world, at any time that’s convenient to you, for the next 21 days.

**This program is currently closed**

Please email to go onto my wait list for this program or to ask any questions you may have.