How is bedtime going at your place?

If it’s a lengthy drawn out process, your kids are waking multiple times per night,  you‘re doing alllll the things to create a relaxing bedtime routine yet it’s still not working?!

This simple but powerful eKit can help.

Many of the mothers drawn to my work gravitate to a gentle parenting style because they feel everything so strongly themselves. Perhaps you are sensitive, intuitive or empathic yourself?

And while you seem to be doing everything ‘right’  (by the attachment or gentle parenting ‘book’) there gets to a point where your children start to wake more frequently instead of less.

If you’re breastfeeding they might seem to ‘need’ to feed more and more during the night.

It might be taking longer and longer for your child to fall asleep each night (despite your relaxing bedtime routine!!)

As a woman, you get LESS time for yourself and MORE exhausted and overwhelmed.

You may be wondering what is going wrong?

Something is missing from the equation and here’s what I’ve discovered:

The missing element is emotions. 


I really honour you for putting so much love into your bedtime routine and offer so much compassion for the exhaustion and frustration you might be feeling!

Let’s now bring some more EASE into bedtime.

What the eKit covers

:: The two key factors that can cause a stressful/ prolonged bedtime.

:: Bedtime anxiety

:: Bad dreams

:: Exercises and visualisations for parents and kids


PLUS there’s a bonus Bedtime audio story for your kids with your own digital copy of hand painted watercolour artwork from Forgetful Fairy Art Studio.





What exactly will you receive?

A digital guide (PDF format)

A digital children’s audio story (MP3 format)

A digital children’s artwork (PNG format)

– all straight to your inbox