21 days to feeling empowered, balanced and reconnected to yourself, your Soul, your joy ✨

If you are:

  • Feeling worn out/ depleted/ running on empty
  • Feeling pulled in a hundred different directions/ rushed/ anxious
  • Struggling to maintain your inner connection and sense of balance
  • Losing patience or reacting to your children in ways you don’t enjoy such as shouting

This is for you!

You cannot pour from an empty cup. If you are feeling exhausted, frustrated, resentful… you are going to find it extremely hard (or impossible) to hold space for your children’s big feelings or challenging behaviours.

If you have not been listening to your own feelings and needs for a little while now (or maybe a long time!) your children are going to be seeing the way you’re really feeling in the responses they get from you (low patience, frustration, shouting, snapping, reverting to responses that sound like your own mother!)

Taking a fraction of time each day for the next 21 days is going to help you to transform this; reconnect to yourself, find MORE capacity to hold space for your children, their big feelings and challenging behaviours. It’s going to help you find more calm, more presence and more patience.

What you receive:

3 digital packages including meditations, processes and workbooks. These will be delivered to your inbox 7 days apart so as to be motivating and inspiring, rather than overwhelming.


  1. Learn why connecting within is the cornerstone/ golden key to an empowered motherhood and how to make this a priority – even when you’re short on time
  2. (Re)activate your inner guiding voice and actually become AWARE of your needs and feelings so you can respond lovingly to those! (And have the capacity to do the same for your children.)
  3. Get really clear on your own values so that you can make aligned choices about how to spend your time and stop feeling pulled in a hundred different directions each day! You’ll feel more present and focused with your tasks and your kids.
  4. Learn to reconnect to yourself in mini moments throughout the day so that you feel more present, nurtured, energised and empowered.
  5. Connect with your Inner Mother so you have the ability to respond to yourself with love and compassion in any situation
  6. Connect to your Inner Child and learn a powerful process to offer love and compassion to the little parts of you who feel hurt or triggered so that you can integrate and respond without the baggage

Included Meditations
– Inner child meditation
– Inner mother meditation
– Infinite love meditation
– Inner Listening Activation

Included Processes
– Aligned Action Identifier
– Inner Child Healing Process
– Create your Alignment Compass

Time commitment
Daily meditation to raise your vibrational frequency 7- 10 minutes
Each package will take approximately an additional 40-60 minutes for you to work through.

Receive your first digital package immediately and start today.


Here’s what Jade said after completing the course:

 “I’m so glad I came across Belinda on Facebook. I am a mama to a 15 month old girl and had completely lost myself. I wasn’t spending anytime on looking after myself, all my energy was going into my daughter, I was feeling burnt out and had a tonne on negative self talk going on. Working with Belinda helped me get back into taking care of myself and feeling excited about the future again. I’m feeling so much more energised and connected to myself as a person, outside of being a mother. I had been stuck in a feeling of massive overwhelm and Belinda really helped to break it down so that I no longer feel that way. I’m so grateful for this program and the simple things I’ve learned!”

Any questions? I’d love to hear from you!