Play as a Parenting Tool

… Your Secret Weapon for Calmer Kids 🤫


Presented by Belinda Connelly, Early Childhood teacher and Behaviour Specialist (B. Ed Early Childhood)

Play as a purposeful parenting tool is the FIRST thing I recommend to all my clients for more connection, calm and cooperation with their kids.

 In this challenge, you’re going to learn:

How you can minimise challenging toddler and preschooler behaviours such as yelling, hitting, defiance, tantrums, refusing to cooperate etc using play

How to nurture your connection and make your child feel emotionally safe- while also making like easier for you too

How to work through tears and tantrums after play (whining, clinging demanding more etc)

How to get in the right frame of mind to enjoy playing with your kids even when you don’t feel like it

This FREE 3 day challenge is going down in the Empowered Soul Mothers Facebook community with a video from me each day at 10am starting Monday January 6th.

Each day I’ll be setting you a challenge to complete and each day you have an opportunity to enter the prize draw for my ‘Quick Fix’ (that’s 5 days 1:1 support with me valued at $97!)

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