I’m Belinda Connelly and I offer early childhood behavioural support to mothers around the world for common issues such as

  • sleep – your little one takes a really long time to fall asleep or they seem to wake up a million times per night
  • aggression – shouting, biting, pinching, pushing, hurting
  • tantrums – your little one has multiple tantrums per day over the tiniest things – like cutting his sandwich into squares instead of triangles and you find yourself giving in or walking on eggshells to avoid another meltdown
  • cooperation – your little one refuses to cooperate with anything, getting dressed, getting in the car, brushing their teeth. Every request turns into a long, drawn out negotiation – it’s exhausting!
  • attention seeking – your little one is constantly demanding your attention, wanting to be held while you’re trying to do other tasks (like make dinner or have a shower!) and finds it difficult to settle into independent play

I work with the underlying emotions to give you holistic support for these issues.

Once you learn the tools, you’ll be able to keep re-using them for any new behavioural challenges or transitions that life throws at you, making it a valuable investment for your family.

I offer 1:1 packages and group programs too.

If you’re interested to learn more about my work and hear about my current promotions, my Facebook group is the place to go!

Check out my free intro training and I look forward to connecting with you soon!