🤍The Inner Circle is a high-vibe membership to support holistic and heart-centred mamas with calm and conscious parenting 🤍

Conscious Parenting is not an easy path…

but with support it becomes so much easier and over time, the little steps you’re taking will build momentum and become your new way of being.

Choosing to parent consciously is a daily practise.

Real transformation doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. And I am here (along with your high-vibe community) to support you in being compassionate and gentle with yourself as you move forward on that journey and create your new normal through practice, support and accountability – the golden keys to creating sustainable change.

The results?

♡ becoming more aware of your own emotions, behaviours, reactions and patterns and how to work through them rather than passing them on to your child

♡ feeling calmer and more equipped to work through tears, tantrums, arguments and other challenges with your child rather than avoiding them (and perpetuating the cycle!)

♡ guiding behaviour without rewards, punishments, threats or bribes

♡ a deeper understanding of your child’s behaviour and emotions

♡ easier bedtimes

♡ more cooperation

♡ improved family dynamics

♡ knowing how to support your child through fears and childhood challenges

♡ less (mis)behaviours like tantrums, defiance, arguments, attention seeking, yelling, hitting, biting, sleep issues

This would be a good fit for you if...

✔️You feel like you’re stuck on repeat with the same challenges or conflicts coming up day after day

✔️You find yourself resorting to distracting your kids using screens, food, dummy or breastfeeding to avoid tantrums and find some peace more often than you’d like…

✔️ You find yourself feeling triggered or slipping into old reactions or patterns of behaviour on a regular basis

✔️ You value conscious, gentle parenting approaches and are willing to take action in order to create the change you desire

✔️ You have children aged 1 – 6 years

✔️ Would love to connect with other like-minded mothers 

✔️ You are too busy to keep trawling through online articles or books trying and figure this out on your own

✔️ You want to love being a mother during these early childhood years!

This program would NOT be a good fit for you if…

✖️ You’re not willing for your child to cry or express anger (with your emotional support)

✖️ You’re not ready to take action and are hoping for a magic pill

What do you get?

Monthly recorded lessons (Video and workbook)

Fortnightly discussion groups on Zoom

Short weekly challenges to nourish your soul and your connection with your child.

Daily Q+A in the private online community.

There are no obligations or commitments. Stay as long as you like, cancel anytime. This price is yours to keep as long as you choose to stay, regardless of price increases for new comers in the future.

🤍You will receive an email with all the information you need and instant access to the community as soon as you sign up 🤍


Where is the online community? the community is held within a private facebook group

Where does the discussion group take place? Zoom – Wednesday 2pm, Brisbane time. It is recorded if you can’t attend live and you are welcome to presubmit questions

What’s your cancellation policy? You can cancel at any time 🙂

If you have any other questions, you can ask them here:

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