THE 5 STAGES YOU NEED TO GO THROUGH TO SUCCESSFULLY CHANGE A PATTERN OF BEHAVIOUR (13 minutes) Why you resort to old patterns when you’re under stress and the 5 stages you need to go through to successfully change your patterns of behaviour for good!

WHY WAITING OUT CHALLENGING BEHAVIOUR IS NOT A GOOD IDEA & WHAT YOU CAN DO INSTEAD (4 minutes) Parents often think that ‘misbehaviour’ is just a stage that will pass. The truth is, behaviour is a form of communication and unless we resolve the real underlying issue, the problem is not actually being solved, merely prolonged.

THE 4 TOOLS YOU NEED TO LEARN FOR MORE PATIENCE WITH YOUR KIDS (17 minutes) Which parenting tools should you be focusing on? Learn how to do things differently so that you can get a different result

THE 3 STEP PLAN TO TAMING TODDLER CHALLENGES (26 minutes) Peaceful parenting is not permissive parenting! Why walking on eggshells to try and keep the peace or avoid your child’s tantrums isn’t the solution – and what to do instead. (PS the end of this video where I spoke about my program Spilt Milk and Broken Cookies has been cut off, it will reopen in 2021)

BETTER SLEEP – PART ONE (7 minutes) The number ONE thing preventing you from getting that deep, restful sleep that you’re wanting for you and your child. What is it??? In short: Not giving your child the space they need to express their full range of feelings. In this video I’ll explain a little more about how feelings effect sleep and how you can get more of it!

BETTER SLEEP – PART TWO (10 minutes) How emotions effect your child’s ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. How you can help your child to process their bottled up emotions before bedtime for deeper relaxation and calm meaning your child will fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep for longer periods.

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