Video tutorials

Which parenting tools should you be focusing on? Learn how to do things differently so you can get a different result ✨


Why you resort to old patterns when you’re under stress and the 5 stages you need to go through to successfully change your patterns of behaviour for good!


Why walking on eggshells to try and keep the peace or avoid your child’s tantrums ISN’T the solution – and what to do instead!

(Please note that the program I refer to at the end of this video- Spilt Milk & Broken Cookies – is now open!)


If you find yourself losing your patience with your child on a recurring basis it’s time to support yourself with some proactive strategies so that you can respond with more consciousness and calm.

Including 3 audio meditations (below) plus booklet (left) with 2 additional mindfulness techniques for you to practise.

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Mini Podcast

Each episode of my mini motherhood podcast is around 10 minutes long so that you can easily listen to one while hanging out the laundry or washing the dishes. As a busy mum I know your time is precious! Each episode aims to get you thinking, feeling curious or wanting to explore something a bit further.

Children’s stories

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