Conscious parenting begins with YOU becoming conscious of your own emotions.

You can’t expect to respond to your child’s big feelings with calm and compassion if you’re wandering around in an unconscious fog yourself. Meditation is a wonderful tool to help you access your inner world and be still so you can stop distracting yourself from your emotions and start FEELING them.

When we take responsibility for our own feelings, we become FAR more likley to respond to our children (even when they’re challenging us!) with our loving presence, connection and curiosity raher than reacting in ways we don’t really enjoy such as shouting, judging, losing patience etc.

So NOW is the perfect time to start your meditation practise!

Each day for 6 days you’ll receive an email from me with your daily meditation. Each meditation is between 3 – 10 minutes in length, so easy to fit into a busy day. The program is designed to deepen and build on your skillset across the 6 days.

Once you’ve learnt and practised these techniques you’ll be able to use them anywhere at anytime, with or without the audio. The sense of presence and calm you experience while meditating will begin to filter through to your parenting too.

What’s included?

6 daily emails, each one including an MP3 meditation for you to download and keep.