Conscious parenting begins with YOU becoming conscious of your own emotions.

You can’t expect to respond to your child’s big feelings with calm and compassion if you’re wandering around in an unconscious fog yourself.

Meditation is a wonderful tool to help you access your inner world and be still so you can stop distracting yourself from your emotions and start FEELING them.

The more you practise and use meditation techniques when you’re calm, the more you’ll be able to consciously choose these responses in more stressful times. Your body will begin to automatically recall the calming responses you’ve taught it.

So, if you don’t already have a daily meditation practise, it’s time to start one!

Chakra Clearing meditation

Meditation is one of the most effective ways to keep your chakras clear and energised. Through meditation you can bypass the conscious brain and get right into the areas of the energetic body that you need to access. (10 min)

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Crystal Rebirth & Release meditation

The full moon is a good time to take stock of what you have achieved, whether you are on track with your monthly intentions and have been taking aligned action. If not, it’s a good time to ask, “what is getting in the way? Is there something I need to release so that I can move forward with this?” The Crystal Rebirth and Release meditation will guide you through this process. (6 min)

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Infinite Love meditation

This meditation is like a warm comforting hug for new mothers. As a first time mum I remember crying with feeling I’d not done ‘enough’ that day, or hadn’t achieved enough. I remember feeling ashamed and defeated that on many days all I’d really done is fed and held my baby and not even managed to make a proper meal or take a shower!

I just want to go back to that younger me and tell her how holding my baby was the MOST important thing I could have done with my days and how grateful the current me and my children are to her for choosing to do that over mopping the floor or doing the laundry. I want to tell her what loving beings my children have grown into and about the beautiful connection and authentic relationships we have.

And I really want you to know this too! If you’re a new mama, the connection you’re building with your little one IS success of the best kind. And all the other stuff really won’t matter in five years time.

In this meditation you’re going to step into a beautiful, lightfilled garden with your future self so you can hear the words you need to hear, the medicine for your soul – NOW. So that you realise you are an amazing mama. And you’re doing so well! (10 min)

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Mindful Mothers starter pack

If you find yourself losing your patience with your child on a recurring basis it’s time to support yourself with some proactive strategies so that you can respond with more consciousness and calm.

Including 3 audio meditations plus booklet with 2 additional mindfulness techniques for you to practise.

Healing Heart Meditation (10 min) – singing bowls in note F, the heart chakra frequency to support you in returning your energy to a high vibrational frequency of love. You can use this in conjunction with the other meditation techniques you will learn in this pack.

So hum meditation (5 min) – If you find it hard to focus your mind while you meditate try giving it a mantra to focus on. This audio will guide you through the technique. Once you’ve learnt it you can use it anywhere at anytime, with or without the guide.

Create calm meditation (5 min) – This technique helps to calm and soothe the nervous system, esp if your amygdala (fight or flight) response has kicked in. Again, once you’ve learnt it you can use it anywhere at anytime, with or without the guide

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Inner Listening Activation

Start your days with the Inner Listening Activation to help you to tune into your own feelings, needs and leave you feeling inspired to take aligned action steps (7min).

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