Are you ready to move away from the authoritarian model of parenting.. yet permissive parenting is not working either?


Are you ready for a more balanced, conscious and connected style of parenting?


Are you ready for a set of tools to help you respond to your child’s   behavioural issues such as:

Connection (3)


I’ve created this mentorship so that I can offer you support that is convenient, easy and affordable and mirrors my 1:1 work as much as possible.


Creating change can be challenging and hard and what I’ve found is that we don’t just need the information. We are in an age of information overload.

What we need is more SUPPORT in implementing that information.

So, while you get access to my library of resources you also get hand holding through the tricky bits. You get personalised, practical and compassionate advice to help you move forward for a whole month!

This is an unrushed and spacious program that allows you to bring up what’s important to YOU, time for you to practice what you’ve learnt at home, ask questions, get feedback and share your challenges.

If you have a challenging week, you won’t get left behind feeling over whelmed and defeated.

This is for you, the busy mother who wants to create change, but just keeps finding herself back in the same old place.


In the Lightfilled Parenting mentorship you will 

:: crack the code on your child’s undesirable behaviours – discover what’s actually going on and how to minimise these behaviours

:: learn to set limits with warmth and love

:: discover why your child melts down over seemingly insignificant events like ‘I broke my cookie’

:: take control of your reactions and triggers

:: get confident in responding to tears and tantrums

:: use play to navigate power struggles, fears, defiance and aggression


How does it work?

Group mentoring means you get the support of an intimate circle of like minded mothers and you get to learn and grow in synergy together.

The Lightfilled Parenting Mentorship takes place within a private Facebook group. Upon entry you’ll receive my pre-consultation questionnaire so that I can get to know you, your family and the challenges you’re facing so that we can dive straight in where it’s needed.

Each Monday morning, I’ll be doing a group support call to answer your questions and give you some practical strategies and the next step to take in your personal situation and challenges.



monthly workshops beginning June 1st 

Whats included?

A monthly ‘workshop’ and focus theme consisting of recorded video, notes and q & a time.

JUNE Workshop) Bedtime with ease and gentleness: finding balance between our needs and our children’s, our children’s need for closeness and connection, the accumulation of feelings, holding space for feelings, bedtime anxiety, bad dreams + bedtime audio story for your children

JULY Workshop) Light work for mothers:  raising your vibration so that you can be more present, clear and aligned to your true soul self.

AUGUST Workshop) Shadow Work for mothers: inner wound healing and processing your own emotions in healthy, proactive ways so that you can respond to your children more lovingly, patiently and more aligned with your values and true soul self, rather than reacting and feeling triggered from a place of inner hurt and stuck emotions.

SEPTEMBER Workshop) Releasing Attachments: When we repress our feelings, we tend to develop unhealthy attachments to cover them up, and unconsciously, we pass these patterns on to our children. This module is about breaking the patterns and transforming the way we are raising our children.

OCTOBER Workshop) Power & Play: we look at the role of power and powerlessness in society and how our children’s ‘powerless’ behaviours such as not listening, defiance, refusing, demanding, hitting, snatching, pushing etc can trigger our own body based memories of powerlessness from childhood. We look at how we can begin to take back our own power through healing our emotional wounds and empower our children through independence, choice and play.

NOVEMBER Workshop) Holding Space for Young Children: Every single day, regardless of how conscious and aware we are as parents, our children will likely experience something such as frustration
, fear
, separation
, powerlessness, unmet needs
, overstimulation,  physical pain
 or frightening experiences. We can’t prevent all of these experiences in the first place, but we can help our children to heal from them and in the process help them to become more emotionally resilient. It’s never, ever too late to start healing. 

And we can do this simply by ‘holding space’ for our children.


Untitled design (4)“There is something about Belinda that draws you in. Her loving and gentle words along with her beautifully crafted resources had me committed as soon as I started her program (even though I signed up telling myself I didn’t have time for it!). I could feel each module healing myself and also drawing my awareness far more to my children’s wellbeing.”
Heidi Hosking, Queensland, Australia



Untitled design (3)“I’d never actually examined my emotional response to my daughter’s disobedience before. I found it very beneficial and liberating to become conscious of this! The shadow work process made a big difference to how I was able to relate to my daughter.  My mood feels lifted, I feel calmer, clearer more and emotionally empowered.
I read and hear of so many personal development things that would benefit me as a mother but with a busy, young child I struggle to take action on them. The modules in this course were perfect in length, allowing me to take bite-sized chunks of action. And action creates CHANGE.
I am getting amazing results from course. Such a blessing!”
Lea Montague, Queenland, Australia



What happens after I join?

You’ll receive an immediate email with your pre-consultation questionnaire + a link to the private facebook group where the Lightfilled Parenting Mentorship takes place. I’ll be responding to your questionnaire and any questions you might have in the following Monday’s group call.


What age group of children is this aimed at?

The program is aimed at mothers with children aged 0-8.


What if I’m not comfortable with my children crying or expressing anger? 

Throughout this mentorship I will encourage you to accept all emotions and help your children heal through empathetic listening to crying, play, laughter and talking. I will teach you how to hold a loving space for all of their emotions and how to process your own thoughts and feelings around this. If you are not willing for your children to cry or express anger, this may not be the program for you.


How long does the program go for?

This high impact, one month program.  The more you commit to showing up and doing the work, the quicker you’ll see results. At the end of the month you’ll receive an invitation to extend you time in the Mentorship if it’s needed.



At just $55 for the whole month, this is amazing value! 

(That’s just $13.75/ week!)


pre consultation questionnaire (value $55)

4 x group mentoring calls + 1 month of personal support in the private Facebook group (value $900)

monthly focus topic (pre-recorded videos, notes + more)  (value $55)

Total value $1010!!

For less than a yoga class or two smoothies per week…

Jump in before the price increases to $110/ month on the 1st July, 2018


VIP upgrade includes a private 45 minute Skype or phone callF5536B62-08B6-4391-8061-775FC2157E8A