Play as a Parenting Tool

… Your Secret Weapon for Calmer Kids

Learn to use Play as a Positive Parenting Tool

Your Secret Weapon for More Calm and Cooperation 🤫

Play as a purposeful parenting tool is the FIRST thing I recommend to all my clients for more connection, calm and cooperation with their kids.

We’ll be talking about all the ways you can use play to support your family as busy mum!

 In this class you’re going to learn:

How you can minimise challenging toddler and preschooler behaviours such as yelling, hitting, defiance, tantrums, refusing to cooperate etc using play

How to nurture your connection and make your child feel emotionally safe- while also making like easier for you too

How to encourage independent play

How to work through tears and tantrums after play (whining, clinging demanding more etc)

How to get in the right frame of mind to enjoy playing with your kids even when you don’t feel like it

How to use play as a tool to work through specific challenges (fear of the pool, hates brushing teeth, adjusting to a new baby in the family etc)

How does it work?

You’ll receive a comprehensive training video (55 min) + printable workbook straight to your inbox

Learning to use PLAY in a purposeful way is going to be your secret weapon to helping your child process their feelings and a more harmonious home during any time of transition, change or emotional stress #helloglobalpandemic

Ready to get started?

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