a 21 day challenge to bring more alignment, presence and calm into your days.

If you are:

Feeling pulled in a hundred different directions/ rushed/ anxious/ frazzled

Struggling to maintain your inner connection and sense of balance

Losing patience or reacting to your children in ways you don’t enjoy such as shouting

Feeling like you get to the end of the day not having achieved ‘anything’

This program is going to be your North Star, your guiding compass to bring you back to centre and infuse your days with more presence and calm.

If you have fallen out of alignment and have been going through the motions of ‘busy’ work as a mother without taking the time to really tune into your own emotions you may be feeling a sense of dullness and disconnect.

When this happens, our children can feel it on an energetic level.

If you are not completely present with them, if you are ungrounded and disconnected, your children will be mirroring this energy back to you as chaotic behaviour, clingyness, insecurities, fears, aggression etc.

Because you’re not present you tend to slip more easily into reacting to these behaviours in ways that aren’t aligned to your values such as losing patience quickly, feeling frustrated, shouting, snapping, even saying things that sound like your Mum!

How is this challenge going to help you realign?

3 Live weekly trainings in a private ‘popup’ Facebook group

Week 1) You’re going to learn why connecting within is the foundation of an feeling aligned. We will set up a 10 minute daily meditation practice which will help you tune back into your emotions. You’ll learn to trust your intuitive responses so that you can take aligned daily actions.

You’ll receive my Inner Listening Activation (MP3) to download and keep – a daily re-alignment to your own feelings, inner guidance and intuitive senses.

Week 2) You are going to create your own personal guiding compass to bring you back to centre and infuse your days with more presence and calm, based on your own values. This will help you to make very clear, aligned choices about how to spend your time so that you don’t feel pulled in a hundred different directions each day. You’ll be able to refer back to this as your ‘North Star’ anytime you start feeling frazzled or lost.

Week 3) I want you to get very clear on your body’s intuitive yes response and intuitive no response. You will learn how these feel and look in your body. Getting clear on these responses is going to help you say yes when you mean it and no when you mean it. It’s going to help you protect your boundaries if you’re someone who has trouble saying no or tends to be a bit of a ‘people pleaser’. Whenever you feel confused or conflicted you’ll be able to draw on this process to make an aligned choice.

You’ll receive my Aligned Action Identifier (MP3) to download and keep.

Here’s what Jade said after working together:

“I’m so glad I came across Belinda on Facebook. I am a mama to a 15 month old girl and had completely lost myself. I wasn’t spending anytime on looking after myself, all my energy was going into my daughter, I was feeling burnt out and had a tonne on negative self talk going on. Working with Belinda helped me get back into taking care of myself and feeling excited about the future again. I’m feeling so much more energised and connected to myself as a person, outside of being a mother. I had been stuck in a feeling of massive overwhelm and Belinda really helped to break it down so that I no longer feel that way. I’m so grateful for this program and the simple things I’ve learned!”

Doors close Friday Nov 1st 11.59pm (Brisbane)

Our first live training will be Monday Nov 4th 11.00am (Brisbane)

If you would like to realign over the next 21 days: come back to centre, infuse more presence and calm into your days, enrol now!

Any other questions? I’d love to hear from you, get in touch with me right here: