A gentle approach to more restful sleep for mother and child

Sleep is one of my favourite topics to talk about. 

I personally struggled with sleep deprivation for months and months. My son woke up more and more frequently through the night. It got to the point of waking at least hourly, sometimes more. It was very hard. And I know many of you are dealing with that right now too.

I just love seeing the sheer relief on a mother’s face when she realises sleep deprivation is not the only option if she wants to avoid sleep training and cry it out type methods. The philosophy I mainly draw on in this class and which helped me so much as a new mama is Aware Parenting. I highly recommend you check it out if you’re not already familiar and see if it resonates with you.

For children aged 6 months+ the main reason sleep issues increase is not physical or environmental but rather emotional. In this class we’ll be predominantly looking at the role emotions play in determining how soundly our children sleep.

Hi, I’m Belinda. I’m passionate about nurturing the emotional wellbeing of young children and nurturing a safe space for ALL feelings. My background has been as an Early Childhood Teacher, I have 20 years experience in working with young children from babies through to six years in Mainstream, Montessori and Steiner settings. I felt strongly that I wanted to support more change in the world and now work online mentoring mothers around the world. I’m also a mother of two boys who are 10 and 6.

The topics we’ll explore in this class:

  1. Physical and environmental factors that effect sleep, including one key that is often overlooked

2. The emotional factors that effect sleep, how you can work with your child’s emotions rather than against them

3. How breastfeeding and using a dummy at bedtime can cause more night wakings and what to do instead (btw – this doesn’t mean you need to stop breastfeeding altogether!)

4. How you can use play to promote more restful sleep

  1. How making more time to support your child when they’re upset during the day, means they will wake up less during the night

The details:

Upon registration you’ll receive a short questionnaire so that I can tailor the class to the group’s needs. Class sizes are kept small so that I can answer your specific questions.

The class be held live on Zoom Monday February 1st, 10am (Brisbane time), it will also be recorded and emailed to you along with notes afterwards if you can’t make it live and so that you can refer back.

This class is aimed at mothers with children aged 6 months +

Registrations close Friday 29th January, 11.59pm (or as soon as all places have been allocated)

8 spots left