Would you would like a gentle and emotionally responsive approach to bring more ease, connection and flow into motherhood?

To increase your sense of playfulness and patience?

To begin rewiring your reactions and respond with more calm?

To feel more equipped with effective conscious parenting strategies?

My Conscious Parenting Support Sessions are intended to help you navigate the challenges of motherhood. I find what so many mothers are needing from working with me is a space where they can be listened to and have a nourishing space held for them, free from judgment and given gentle guidance along the way.

You can ask me any questions you like relating to parenting.

It could be in relation to yourself: increasing your patience, working through your triggers, being more compassionate with yourself.

Or, it could be in relation to your child: tricky behaviours such as unco-operation, attention seeking, bedtime battles, hurting others or traversing a life transition such as welcoming a new sibling, moving house or starting daycare.

I am here to help with all aspects of parenting in the early childhood years (0-7) and how you can respond both lovingly and effectively.

The details:

Once you register below you’ll receive an email from me where you can book your preferred timeslot. Time slots are 3 hours in length, 1-4pm Monday – Saturday (Brisbane time) If this time doesn’t suit you please get in touch to organise something else. I will ask you to return a short questionnaire so I have an idea of what your priorities are before we start. To keep things simple, we will aim to work through one issue at a time before moving on to the next.

We’ll begin with a short meditation and an oracle card reading to ground, centre and set intentions for your session. Throughout the afternoon we’ll journey towards a more loving connection with yourself and your children. Including:

  • support with changing your reactions
  • support with holding space for big feelings
  • support with using play to work through challenges with your child
  • support with guiding behaviour (without punishments or rewards)
  • any of my digital resources that will be supportive for you such as meditations or journal prompts

My Support Sessions are held via Voxer (a walkie-talkie app on your phone) where you can send voice and text messages to me. I find this a convenient format for busy mamas to get the support they need while still juggling all the balls of mama life! This means you can still go about your daily tasks, put on a load of laundry, pick your little one up from day-care or play a game of hide and seek in between chatting with me. I will be as responsive as possible during this time but there may be some gaps in between our messages.

If you need to reschedule nearer the time, that’s not a problem – you’ll be able to do that. Just message me at least 24 hours prior.

IMPORTANT. My strategies are gentle and emotionally responsive, I will encourage you to get comfortable with all of your child’s emotions and teach you how to hold space for those. However if you are not willing for your child to express anger/ tears or tantrums, I may not be the practitioner for you.

 Love from others mums 🤍

Any other questions? I’d love to hear from you!