4 Steps to processing your triggers on the spot

Sometimes, things will happen with your kids that can bring up old feelings you may still have trapped in the body from childhood. This is where you might overreact or have big disproportionate reactions, feelings and thoughts. You might find yourself saying or doing things that you never thought you would!Of course, being a mum doesn’t stop. If you have babies/ toddlers/ preschoolers at home you most likely don’t have the luxury of much quiet space to yourself for processing! So, it’s important to have some steps up your sleeve to help you process your triggers and get back to the present moment right away.

Connection is the antithesis of addiction

Whilst some addictions are more socially acceptable: chocolate, shopping, scrolling Facebook, playing video games or even alcohol, at the heart of it, all addiction stems from the same thing. A disconnection from our feeling self. When we suppress or disconnect from our feelings we look for something else to fill that void. And if this is regular and ongoing, it will lead to addiction. Here are 5 ways to protect your child...