From struggling to solid sleep! 💤 

You’re here because you want to get some help with bedtime and I want you to know that you don’t have to do sleep training or controlled crying and you don’t have to compromise your values to ‘teach’ your child to sleep.

… it IS possible to meet your child’s needs for closeness and connection AND get a good nights sleep for yourself too! And we are going to get that for YOU.

Do you long for a solid block of sleep without being woken up?

Or some time to yourself in the evenings without spending hours on bedtime?

The tools and techniques I’m going to share with you will help you with this.

Many of the mothers drawn to my work gravitate to a gentle parenting style because they feel everything so strongly themselves. Perhaps you are sensitive, intuitive or empathic yourself?

And while you seem to be doing everything ‘right’ (by the attachment or gentle parenting ‘book’) there comes to a point where your children start to wake more frequently instead of less.

If you’re breastfeeding they might seem to ‘need’ to feed more and more during the night.

It might be taking longer and longer for your child to fall asleep each night (despite your relaxing bedtime routine!!)

As a woman, you get LESS time for yourself and MORE exhausted and overwhelmed.

The lengthy drawn out process to bed gets looooonger.

Your kids are still waking multiple times per night.

You‘re doing alllll the things to create a relaxing bedtime routine yet it’s still not working?!

If you’re already meeting your child’s other needs: physical (warmth, dry nappy, hunger, thirst, medical) and emotional (closeness, connection) and your child still takes a really long time to relax enough to go to sleep or is waking multiple times per night, the most likely reason is a build up of painful unreleased feelings and I can help you with that missing piece of the puzzle!


In this eCourse, you’ll learn how to meet your child’s needs for closeness and connection AND get a good nights sleep for yourself too!

All of the resources will be emailed to you so you can get started immediately!

30 page eBooklet “The Sleepytime Solution for gentle, conscious mothers”

90+ minutes of audio content on:

🌟 Your child’s sleep struggles as ‘signals’ for built up feelings needing to be released

🌟 Your children’s need for closeness and connection (and how to meet your needs too!)

🌟 Listening to and being present with your child’s feelings. The more you can encourage your child to release their feelings during the day in your loving, connected presence, the less bedtime issues you’ll see.

🌟 Bedtime anxiety: finding your child’s inner super hero

🌟 What to do about bad dreams

🌟 BONUS Audio + booklet on distracting our children from their feelings, why this makes bedtime harder and how to break the patterns you may be carrying and passing on from your own childhood.


🌟 BONUS Children’s bedtime audio story: the dream catcher + handpainted watercolour illustration (digital copy) by Forgetful Fairy art studio

🌟 BONUS 4 weeks private messenger support to help you work through your individual challenges (from date of purchase)



Where does the course take place?

This is a completely digital eCourse. You will receive all materials to your inbox immediately upon purchase. If you don’t see it in your inbox, please check your junk folder.

What age group is this eCourse aimed at?

Mothers of children aged 1-8

What if I’m not comfortable with my children crying?

In this eCourse I will encourage you to accept all emotions and help your children heal through empathetic listening to crying. I will teach you how to hold a loving space for their emotions. If you are not willing for your children to cry (in your loving presence), this may not be the program for you.

Any other questions? I’d love to hear from you!