Beautiful mother, I’m so glad you’ve found your way here.

If you highly value secure attachment, closeness and gentleness but are not seeing the results and benefits you would expect or want after all the time, energy and love you’re pouring in to your parenting, it could be that you’re missing one or more crucial elements.

If you’re experiencing repetitive challenging behaviour such as 

  • Your little one pushing the boundaries?
  • Refusing to cooperate with things like getting dressed, brushing their teeth or getting in the car seat?
  • Bedtime battles or waking all through the night and depriving you of sleep!?
  • Clingy and demanding to the point you struggle to get dinner made or even take time for your shower?
  • Having tantrums or meltdowns over the tiniest things that leaves you feeling exasperated?

 I will map out a 12 week package that will take you from


You won’t just be learning strategies to deal with the challenging behaviour. We’ll be digging deeper to get to the underlying cause of the behaviour and then working to prevent or minimise the behaviour from happening. This is not a quick fix. It’s a whole new way of being and responding. This is powerful, transformative work that has a ripple effect on the whole world.


You will learn:

  1. How built up feelings cause behavioural challenges (such as tantrums, sleep issues, biting, hitting, uncooperativeness)
  2. How you can stop distracting your child from feelings (after a lifetime of conditioning!)
  3. Practical strategies to hold space for challenging behaviours, big feelings, tears and tantrums with calm and confidence



And the golden key to your success – support as you put all of this into practise in your real life.


By putting it into practice you are taking this new knowledge and rewiring the neural pathways in your brain.

It takes time. And I am here to support you in being compassionate and gentle with yourself as you move forward on that journey.

The more you practise, the more these neural pathways become your new normal, your new way of being and responding that allows both you and your child to …

The fact that you are now in this position, doesn’t mean you’re failing’.

Stepping away from the familiarity of pushing feelings down and using distractions is really brave.

Your soul and your child’s soul have called this situation into your life as a catalyst for change, to awaken and activate your true power AND empower your child to be their best self.

You’ll notice that I’m not just pointing the finger at our children’s behaviour issues, this is about both mother and child, and learning to get comfortable with those feelings that are always sitting underneath challenging behaviours.

If this is the next right step on your journey, your Soul will know, and I’m holding a big, loving space for you to listen to that.


What’s included in this package?


  1. the digital curriculum from my program Connect
  2. 12 x 30 minute video support calls to talk through your questions arising from the program content and your implementation in real life (available on Mondays and Tuesdays, Brisbane time)
  3.  Mid week check in via voice or text message for twelve weeks

I only have space for 4 people at this VIP level for the next three months.

This package is open by application only so that we can discuss your individual needs and whether this will be the right fit for you. Before your purchase we will go through an intro questionnaire so that I can get to know more about you and I will map out your package to take you to your ideal outcome.

We can either meet via video call or chat via email. Get in touch through the contact form below to start your application.



“I have been completely blown away by the insight and content available within this program! It has assisted me on a journey to become a more centred and wiser version of me💛

And with the tools and mentoring available, helped me to be the conscious and connected parent my children needed. Belinda’s support, guidance and wisdom has been so important to help me move through some of my most confronting inner child blockages, as well as most challenges parenting situations and I am able to now see the connection between them.

It has not only helped bring so much more awareness into my world, it has given me the biggest and most precious gift I could ask, and that is to have a deeper, empathetic bond with my children”

Delaney Constantinou, Victoria, Australia

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“Working with Belinda has made a big difference to how I am able to relate to my daughter.  My mood feels lifted, I feel calmer, clearer and more emotionally empowered.

I read and hear of so many personal development things that would benefit me as a mother but with a busy, young child I struggle to take action on them.

The resources in this program were perfect in length, allowing me to take bite-sized chunks of action. And action creates CHANGE. I am getting amazing results from program. Such a blessing!”

Lea Montague, Queenland, Australia


What age group of children is this aimed at?

There’s no set age but this program is aimed at mothers in the early years of motherhood with children from 0-5 years

What if I’m not comfortable with my children crying or expressing anger?

Throughout this program I will encourage you to accept all emotions and help your children heal through empathetic listening to crying, tantrums, play and laughter. I will teach you how to hold a loving space for all of your child’s emotions and how to process your own thoughts and feelings around this.

If you are not willing for your children to cry or express anger, this may not be the program for you.

If you have any other questions, or would like to start your application, get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.